Create Your Own Squeeze Page Or Mini Website

If you are interested in making funds from your website, whether that’s from advertising or from building a squeeze or lead generation page, it is a known reality that ‘simple is best’. In other words, although some websites, specialised blogs for example, lend themselves to having a ton of content, or being actually functionally rich, if you’re trying to grab a visitor’s attention, then you have to maintain those pages plain, simple, and not distracting. Put just, why distract your visitors with the things that aren’t going to achieve your objective of making money?
Building pages or even entire websites like these isn’t impossible, even for the less technically minded.
Here are the steps that I have taken to build efficient squeeze pages each time, and this could be used for entire web sites.
1. Get a domain name – sounds stupid I know, but no domain name, no website!
2. Use WordPress – it’s free and probably the easiest tool obtainable to create wonderful looking sites.
three. Search for a great plugin that enables you to simply alter the look of your web site with a few clicks – I locate making the most of a single domain name by being able to alter the look and feel of each single page is invaluable most of all cost-effective. I can effectively create multiple mini-sites making use of a single domain since every easy page can look distinct.
4. If you are building a squeeze page or sales page (which this technique is most successful for), then get your self a good email autoresponder. These are the robots that automatically email your leads on a frequency set by you. Essentially these things let you talk to your visitors on autopilot, building relationship and giving value to your subscribers even though you sleep.
In essence that’s it! I have used this extremely straightforward approach to develop numerous super successful mini websites. They are the cornerstone of lead generation on the web and if that’s what you’re looking to do then you must contemplate following this method. If you are seeking leads, you will need a squeeze page.

This guy knows the best way to build simple, clean and efficient internet sites. He can show you exactly how to build with a totally free video tutorial.

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