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Can you picture spending all day, everyday – or 2 hours a day, whatever you choose — writing and browsing online and actually getting paid to make it happen?

One of the best ways for one to have flexibility in their work and every day life is to earn money writing articles on the internet.

Did you know you can generate income writing articles from home? You can write a few content in your spare time to be able to earn some extra funds each month, or write even more often to actually make some good money. In this post I will tell you among the better ways to make money creating articles, and at the end of the article you can find out how to get started right away.

First of all, writing articles is great because it doesn’t take long to write these short articles, even if you are no expert writer. Most places are looking for articles that are less than Five-hundred words and aren’t too detailed, so even if you are a slow author it shouldn’t take longer than an hour to write an article.

There are two main ways to make money with content articles: freelance writing and article marketing. They are both excellent options, so you can pick whichever one fulfills your lifestyle better.

First is freelance composing, which is something probably everyone has heard of. This is when you write an article for somebody and they pay you to the article. There are sites like Helium, Associated Content, Elance, and other sites which you could get for each document you write. Depending on how a lot you write, this is a good approach to make some extra money month after month, and is a fairly dependable way to make money.

With a side note, there’s also some freelance internet sites that pay you based on article performance. Which means that you don’t paid for writing the article, and you only make money if the article becomes popular as well as gets a lot of visitors. You can make money with this specific sites too, but it’s a little more difficult and is also harder to predict your current results.

The second approach to make money is through article writing. This is more of a kind of online advertising, where you are an “affiliate” or marketer, and get paid income for recommending merchandise. Let’s say you are a joint venture partner for and write a write-up about digital cameras. Towards the end of your article a person link to Amazon the location where the reader can buy a new camera. If they buy that camera, you will get paid a new commission.

You don’t get paid out per article such as freelance writing, but when done correctly you can make much more money this way. You will find lots of websites with affiliate programs, and you can make up to 75% commissions some places.

Both of these strategies are good solutions to earn money writing articles, and something of them will work for you.

If you want a reliable method to make some extra cash every month, then freelance composing is the best option for a person. Your success just is determined by how many articles you are writing. But if you have a somewhat more time and want to learn marketing with articles, you can get some good commissions.

Either way, they are both proven solutions to make money while functioning from the comfort of your own home.

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