Dating Chinese Girls – Learning About The Ten Tokens Of Love (Part 3)

Listed below are some of the gift items that young men presented to Chinese girls as a symbol of their feelings of love for them. Receiving these gifts was taken as an indication of the desire of the presenter to spend their entire life with the woman and hence had much emotional and traditional importance.

Jade Pendants: The importance of jade in the lives and culture of Chinese people has been well known since the ancient times. As such, it was quite natural for men to present a gift item made of jade to the Chinese girls they intended to marry. A female wearing a jade pendant was automatically considered off limits as it symbolized her affiliation with their partners.

True Lovers Knot: In the ancient Chinese society weaving a brocaded belt into a circular true lover’s knot and presenting it to a prospective life mate was considered equivalent to expressing unbridled love and passion in front of them. Since it expressing their love and feelings verbally was considered inappropriate for decent Chinese youngsters, this symbolic expression of love held much significance.

Hairpin: For ancient Chinese girls a hairpin was an important hair decoration accessory which was primarily used for fixing wispy buns. Since young women loved to wear a wide variety of hairpins, they became a favorite gift option for men, although not essentially only for prospective life mates.

Twin Hairpins: Twin hairpins, unlike the single hairpin were exclusively presented to express love. They were ornamental which included two or more long needles that were inserted by women at the sides of their temples and were generally made of pearls, jade, gold or silver.

Skirts: Among the various tokens of love that ancient Chinese females received from their lovers, this was the only item that was not ornamental. However, this did not reduce the significance of skirts as gifts in any manner as it was considered to a symbol of togetherness and hence an ideal gift for a prospective life mates.

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