Guidelines to follow when you want to buy marijuana online

26 July, 2012

Marijuana seeds are very famous in some countries and banned in some countries. These seeds have both positive and negative effect on an individual and are used for medicinal and recreational purpose. Some people love to cultivate the marijuana seeds and is treated as a hobby among individuals. The concern here is finding the right seed. If you want to buy marijuana seed then there are certain tips to be followed before going ahead to buy marijuana seed.

Purchase of marijuana seeds is banned in a lot of countries hence before making a decision of whether one should buy marijuana seeds or not check with the laws of your country. An individual can buy marijuana seeds from a store as well as online. Online purchase might sound risky however; this method of buying marijuana seeds online is hassle free and is rather considered as the safest method to buy marijuana seeds. Mentioned below are a few guidelines to be followed for online purchases of marijuana seed.

1. Ensure you use a discreet address when ordering for the seeds online. Try to use the business credit card as its safe and mostly all the companies that have a credit card, have a discreet address.
2. Try to use a pay pal, pre paid visa card, western union, fire pay etc account to make a payment, just incase you fear your credit card information will be misused.
3. Avoid using your personal email address and use your official email address for the purchase.
4. The package can be requested as earlier mentioned to a discreet address, the address can be your best friends address or aunt or uncle. The person accepting the package need not know what the package consist of.
5. Please be patient, as a lot of shipping companies do not deliver on time and cross the timeline promised.
6. If you want to restraint yourself from ordering seeds regularly within a span of every two to three months. Then the best suggestion is to buy female seeds.

An individual has to be 18 or above 18 years to buy marijuana seeds. In the United Kingdom an individual is not allowed to buy marijuana seeds if he does not have a license from the State secretary. In the United States of America buying marijuana seeds is banned.

There are varieties of marijuana seeds to choose from.

• Regular
• Feminized
• Auto flowering
• Auto fem
• Outdoor seeds
• Indoor seeds etc

Some of the popular Indoor seeds are – Afghan, Chrystal, Jock horror, Master Kush, White widow, Durban poison, Snow white etc. Some of the popular Outdoor seeds are – Blackberry, Early bud, Big Bud, Early girl, Four Way, Ice, Papaya, Swazi etc.

Outdoor marijuana seeds once bought can be cultivated in a place that has good soil. The place that you select to cultivate the seeds should have sufficient sunlight, fresh air, cleanliness last but not the least away from animals. As animals tend to eat the weed plants, growing of indoor marijuana seeds is a more preferred option. Indoor marijuana seeds can be grown inside the house in a glass tumbler. The essentials for this include a dark room, constant temperature and clean surroundings.

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