Prospective threats associated with dope seeds

Dope seeds, as the name suggests, are usually considered to be used for smoking (recreational purposes). They are known to provide a high to the smoker that makes him feel immensely happy. Also known as marijuana seeds or weed seeds, these dope seeds are banned in most of the countries as they are deemed to be addictive. There are various types of weed seeds available. Some of the common types are Auto AK 47 seeds, Auto Blueberry female seeds, Auto Northern Lights female seeds, female Cheese cannabis seeds, female Skunk cannabis seeds, female White Widow cannabis seeds etc. These dope seeds are usually feminine seeds.

While it is true that most commonly, the marijuana seeds are used for recreational use, these dope seeds have medicinal qualities too. They are now being increasingly used to cure a lot of ailments like tumor, cancer, sleeping disorders, menstrual disorder, eating disorders, and various types of allergic reactions especially skin allergies. In the past few years, the use of these seeds is considered as an alternative to chemotherapy for treating cancer. The dope seeds consist of THC . The level of THC varies in every seed varies depending upon the type of seeds. The dope seeds are also used to cure mental disorders, panic attacks, pain relief etc. These are the good qualities of the dope seeds but these seeds also have their negative side like any other drug. The excessive use of this seed can cause damage to an individual’s brain, heart, lungs, kidneys etc. The kidneys can stop functioning effectively if the user has consumed the dope seeds in huge quantity. It’s the similar case in terms of the heart and lungs. The heart beat massively increases and the blood pressure count also decreases massively leading to increased pulse rate. Now these symptoms can lead to an individual to develop heart attack.

In the case of the lungs the consumer develops acute cough a burning sensation in the throat, mouth. There is a production of phlegm in the cough and the individual suffers with acute chest pain. Since the brain is the boss of the human body and it runs the entire show of our day-to-day activities, once affected the brain becomes a useless box as the consumer loses his capacity of thinking and tends to forget tiny winy things easily. The consumer develops brain disorders like schizophrenia, delusions disorder etc. These disorders are very complex in nature and lead to the consumer developing depression, scare of death etc.

A lot of countries have banned the marijuana seeds as youngsters especially the teenagers are misusing these seeds. It has also been advised by doctors that a pregnant lady should not consume the dope seeds as these seeds once consumed can cause the unborn child to develop certain ailments. It also leads to neurological disorders and the child born sometimes is a mentally handicapped child. These drastic disorders that are caused in individuals due to excessive consumption of the dope seeds can lead an individual to shiver with fear. Hence ideally the advice to be given to every individual is to consume any form of medication in the suggested stipulated quantity.

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