Playing phone on the toilet will cause many diseases on female health

For many people, the bathroom is the study room. In the past years, people tend to read books and newspapers in the toilet. but nowadays, with the development of automatic smart phones, a lot of people’s habits are changing, playing phone on the toilet has become the favorite thing for some phone ownership. Some mobile phone users prefer to sit on the toilet to browse dozens of micro-blog, and can not leave the toilet until all massages have been read.

A survey about smart phones and toilet

American MobilePlease website recently conducted a survey about smart phones and toilet. Among 1034 interviewees, 82% of interviewees said they would use the phone while on the toilet. And these people’s average time reach six minutes, which is twice higher than people who do not use the phone (Note: The survey did not distinguish between the stool and urine).

Considering the different habits of men and women, the site also makes special statistics for the relationship between gender and content: 32% of men like to play games while only 17% of women are willing to play zombies. Another 57% of men and 52 percent of women will choose the social networking sites.

Four hazards for women who play with phone on the toilet

1. The body will absorb the toxic gases, which can easily lead to inflammation.
When sitting on the toilet, the body may during the closed space for a long time, and this makes the formation of toxic substances. Those toxic gases will enter the human body, and finally cause a variety of severe inflammation. For example, the architis, chronic vaginitis or even cervical cancer and other chronic gynecological tumors are all included. From this perspective, defecation should pursue the fast track to minimize the contact time and toxic substances of our body. And if you had already got this kind of disease, don’t worry, the TCM Fuyan pill can take you away from the suffering.

2. Leading to the hemorrhoids, rectal mucosa fall off and other diseases.
Actually, playing phone will extend the time on the toilet, and the long-term defecation posture can cause anus congestion. Research has shown that more than three minutes on the toilet will lead to the anorectal varices and congestion, and eventually induce the hemorrhoids.
In addition, anal congestion will mislead the nervous system, and give some false signals, and it makes the anus bulge for a long time. The long-term of defecate feeling can cause the rectal mucosa loss, or even falling. In this case, the pelvic diseases would produce. Actually, some people hold this view that pelvic diseases are hard to be treated, Wuhan Dr.lee give us a different answer. Fuyan pill created by Dr.lee can have a good effect on the pelvic inflammatory disease and other inflammations. It is the herbal medicine which is gone without side effect, it can cure the disease from the root.

3. Causing constipation.
Playing phone will inevitably distract our attention during defecation, this will lead to slow or no meaning of defecation and finally cause the constipation. So for the people, who regard entering bathroom as the boring and painful thing, do not attempt to read or play games to pass the time, because these actions can make the situation even more serious.

4. Brain swelling and numbness in legs.
Long-term on the toilet can result in the down flow of the blood, and finally, people would get the symptoms of dizziness. If blood circulation is blocked for a long time, cells can lack of oxygen, at that time, the blood return can lead the nerve tingling, and then the numbness would happen in legs.

In a word, for the sake of our health, please do not play with the phone on the toilet!

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