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Wedding Photography, a life time memento

Wedding photography is the lasting artifacts that reveal the way you shared your vows and got into the bond of sharing a lifetime together. The blitz of tablets and Smartphone’s have increased so much that photography has become simple for anyone to practice.  However, practicing is not mastering and so if you are looking for wedding photography, hire a good professional.


Wedding photography is important for all the couples. Now, if it is your wedding hire an expert professional for your wedding photography. Also conduct an interview and zero-in on a wedding photographer by asking few most important questions such as:


Comprehend What to Ask

Conducting an interview with a photographer should be done by asking him the first question, if the photographer is doing wedding photography as a full time job.


There is a need to know this as wedding photography requires dedication, resource and good amount of time to invest. Best wedding photographers do not call off a day with mere few snap shots. They dedicate most of the time in the wedding venue and it approximates to nearly 70 + hours in each wedding. The time includes:


Prior to the wedding: The time before the wedding day also a photographer is expected to devote 10-20 hours to the wedding couple. This is mostly initiated with a meeting, so that the photographer get to know the couple and individuals related so that the photographer develops an understanding of the requirements you expect in your wedding photography. This takes around 3 to 4 hours. Besides, most couples prefer a pre-wedding photo session or some engagement session lasting for a couple of hours, but preparing for the photography is inevitable and this includes at least 8 to 10 hours.


The wedding day: On the wedding day, a professional photographer never limits his time. This is because he is aware that every moment of this day is very important and it must be captured. Thus, a best photographer is sure to be with you documenting everything with your friends, close family member and this is done the full day continuing up to the night. The photographer should capture every moment so that even after many years the story must be created and should run in front of your eyes from beginning to end. This day takes 10 to 14 hours.



After the wedding: The weeks and days following each wedding is the largest time consuming. Post-wedding activity takes minimum 40 hours. These are dedicated to reviewing the images taken as they are nearly 3000 images. The process includes processing, optimising and preparing into an art sustainable so that it is lifetime preserved.


Forty plus thirty two equals seventy two. Few hours here and there is based on the event and the couple. It may also go above eighty hours for each couple.



Zero Opportunity for Do-Overs


Wedding photography should not be handed to any general photographer, whether a close relative, friend or a neighbor. These are once in lifetime moments and not do-overs. Getting one shot rightly is mandatory and this is the job of a full-time professional Rainbow Beach wedding photographer. They also do maternity portrait Sunshine coast.

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