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How To Choose Running Belt Fit For You

Runkeeper, MapMyRun, , Nike Plus. These are just a few of the great running apps for smartphones. With built in GPS tracking, these apps will record the distance, speed, and routes of your runs. However, in order for the apps to work, a runner must take his or her smartphone along for each run. Due to the size smartphones, carrying them in your hand is not a very good option. So what is the best way to maximize the benefits of running apps while reducing the inconvenience of carrying a smart phone?


Whether you’re running (or walking!) to the store, to the park, or just out for some exercise, running belts can be one of the simplest ways to get your gear from point A to point B without using a backpack.


First off let’s talk about some features to consider before buying.


Belt Use. This is first and foremost. The last thing you want is a belt that doesn’t meet your needs. Don’t assume that each running belt is made for the same use. Some are intended for longer runs, while some are for shorter runs, while even others try to be all inclusive. Review the 3 key features below (secure fit, hydration, storage) before making your decision.


Secure Fit. If you don’t know your waist, get a tape measure out and measure it before buying. Most running belts have straps that are adjustable from 27″ to 40″, however some come in small, medium, or large (where each size has a specified range). Last thing you want is to order a pack that 1) won’t fit around your waist, or 2) is so big it bounces every which way when you run.


Hydration. Running belts do not have hydration storage options. Think of them as ultra cool fanny packs for runners. If you’re looking for a pack that also has water bottle holsters then check out our picks for best hydration belts for runners.


Storage. What exactly are you going to be carrying? We recommend you grab a sheet of paper and jot everything down. This honestly helps with the visualization process. Then you can determine if the pack has enough storage (or possibly too much storage) for your needs.


There are literally hundreds of running belts available though. Fortunately, we’ve created this complete one-stop-shop guide to make it easy to find the right one for you.


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