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Shooting wedding details: Most important for any wedding photographer

Shooting wedding details is crucial and it also allows the photographer to be creative while capturing images so that it can bring that extra sparkle. Here are some photographing tips that are the little details for a wedding day.



  • Simple techniques also helps in creating detail shots such as shooting on a contrasting background makes the image pop in effectively.
  • Likewise, take same photos if you have doubts so that you can keep the effectively captured photo shots and delete the others.


Wedding reception is always a time of rush for the couple and also for the photographer. However, no excuses will be accepted from the photographer and so it is a must to shoot all the details of the wedding reception.  So, photographers need to ensure starting with the safe shots. Photographers can take a look at the reception details list and work accordingly. Firstly clear the reception room so that photographers get the clear view of the couple. Here are some important wedding day photographs that need to be captured.


Full room shot


Get a shot of the full room to avoid the guests who keep on trickling and are keen to enter the room. Two photographs here are a must:

  • The Symmetrical Shot: This can be taken from the center point so that the shot acquires the widest room picture.
  • Symmetrical reception room: Use a centerpiece or cake and capture the room shots by using a tripod to set the camera. Slow the speed of the shutter so that you do not blur any of the moments and also use aperture so that it compensates for your shutter speed.


Menus and favours Away Table


The reception room shot must be taken completely. However, the reception tables also need to be captured. Approach small and work into bigger picture. Take the photos of the menus or favours from different angles. Expand the view and get the table setting entirely. If required remove some elements such as condiment cups, pepper shakers and salt without second thought, if it fails to contribute to the aesthetic shot. Take the photograph of the full table such that all the distracting elements are eliminated. Find angles creating depth using center pieces.


Sweetheart Table

Start with small elements and follow the same approach by working with elements. Remember to take photographs of personalised items such as etched glasses or ‘Mr.  & Mrs.’ sign.



The cake is mostly set to the room corner as it will remain safe. Cake comes last on the list. However, as a photographer, manoeuvring to shoot the cake is important and this should be done such that the photos are obstructed by guests who mill into the room. Give a creative twist by finding objects to shoot in the room such that the frame of the cake comes nicely.


As a final note, make use of lens of Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L IS II or Canon 85mm f/1.2L II so that the table details are shot in majority.

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