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Workplace Electrical Safety, Pay Absolute Attention

Electrical hazards can cause serious injury to death. Thus it is a must to follow safety regulations in a workplace. Normally, work environments may put everyone at risk including the owners, if there is any electrical hazard. Electrical related accidents can happen to anyone, if careless. Minimizing hazards such as shock is necessary to ensure safe work environment. This goal starts with implementation and practice of electrical safety key principles.


Most at risk


People who are at high risk are the construction workers, water well drillers, electricians, engineers, electronic technicians and power line workers working with electricity directly. Electrical risk is with sales people and office workers indirectly. This is overlooked normally and the electricity hazard is not given the required concern.  Electricity is well-known to be a serious workplace hazard, exposing its workers to electric shock, fires, burns, electrocution and explosions.


OSHA Recommendations


Established electrical safety procedures and workplace electrical safety training can insulate employees from various accidents and hazards. OSHA provides guidelines for safety regulation and this is applicable for working with electrical equipments:


  • In case the insulating protective equipment capability is subject to damage while in use, the insulating material must be protected.
  • Employees must wear non-conductive head protection if there is head injury danger expected from electric shock or burns owing to the contact with energized parts.
  • Employees may wear protective equipment for their face or eyes wherever there is danger of during the use of electric arcs or flashes or even from flying objects causing electrical explosion.
  • While working close to exposed circuit parts or energized conductors, each employee must use insulated tools and equipments if the tools may have contact.
  • At the same time, insulated for the circuit voltage, Fuse handling equipment, shall be used to install or remove fuses in case the fuse terminals are energized.


Office environment

Almost everything today in an office setting functions on electricity.  Electrical equipment is potentially hazardous and causes serious shock and burns injuries if it is not used or maintained improperly.  In case a part of the body comes into contact with any electrical circuit, it will result in shock. The passage of electricity in your body causes great burns, pain, tissue destruction, muscles and nerves destruction and even death. Educate office workers about electrical safety.  Here are the tips.


  • Use equipment approved by national testing laboratory
  • Use equipments that are double-insulated or grounded properly
  • Minimize extension cords use and do not cover extension cords or power cords with mats or rugs.
  • Disconnect or unplug machines before repairing or servicing
  • If you find an item getting hot or there is some smoke or an unusual noise, take it out immediately.
  • Inspect equipment and cords and report the defects.
  • Guard or cover exposed electrical wires or components.



Electrical safety should never be taken lightly or for granted. Cautiousness and awareness can prevent accidents and also save lives. Cracked cords should be thrown replaced immediately. Stay away from power lines keeping a 10 feet distance from neighborhood power lines.

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