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Wedding Posing Tips To Appear Natural and Cool

The formal wedding portraits importance have now faded and now there are stunning wedding photographers  who do not concentrate on staged photos, instead create images capturing true emotion in an artistic way. If you wish for an insider’s look to understand how natural poses of wedding is created and how do some look strikingly beautiful, here are few tips that ensures to capture those feel good moments.


  • Firstly, staying in touch proves to be intimate, but there is no need for one to always look romantic for a great photo. Even if the groups are big, tell the groups to get close to each other and to bring a smile on everyone’s face, just make a joke to help everyone to relax and have fun. This is sure to break the ice wall and if not also they will surely bring a difference in the photo showing some physical connection.
  • Simple wedding posing instruction for grooms and brides that works is to ask them to walk few steps away and to look at each other. Take few shots giving them time to get interact, these shots appear cool and natural. Now ask them to come back and grab some good shots, you will see it looks absolutely natural.
  • One such simple natural wedding pose moment for the groom is when he is actually getting ready. Just concentrate on photographing the candid moments, the groom simply button the jacket up,  putting his cufflinks or adjusting his tie or bowtie. This offers the groom to look masculine and natural as he has something to do and is engrossed in that work, besides posing for the shot.
  • The same involvement in groom getting ready can come with a slight variation to appear very normal. This can be like the best man of the groom or the groom’s father can help adjusting the grooms tie or bow tie. It can be a slight adjustment done to the tie, yet it offers a natural moment looking great for a natural photo.
  • Ask the bride to take a spin; this brings the inner child feel to her face. She will unknowingly smile and blush making it best photo of her wedding. Capture this fun movement wedding photos by slowing the shutter speed.
  • Looking at the photographer makes a good portrait, yet is an entirely self conscious moment. However, when a groom or bride is looking away, it is an unselfconscious moment that is truly natural. As a wedding photographer, you can use this moment to your advantage and create quick photos taking photos that are natural.
  • Compliment your bride’s grandmothers, sister or mothers. Nothing works like a compliment and you will notice a lovely smile appearing naturally and this enhances the wedding photographs. The wedding kiss creates best photo moments. It creates tension for the groom and the bride to get closer for a kiss, yet let them kiss and get natural wedding photos.

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