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Plantation of Trees is Significant, Know its various Values

Trees improve and add value to our lives. Trees have furnished with essentials of life, oxygen and food. Trees offer shelter, tools and medicine and now the value has increased to leaps and bounds that it is continuously satisfying the needs of modern lifestyles.  Here are different values of plantation of trees:


Social and Community Value

Plantation of trees is important for each community so that our playgrounds, parks, streets and backyards form a line with trees. Thus they create a pleasing environment and promote our life quality. Enjoying outdoor activities with friends and family offers shade and even using trees reduces sunlight falling directly, thus you can have a source of pride.


Ecological Value

Plantation of trees help by providing oxygen, conserving water, improving air quality, preserving soil, climate amelioration and by supporting wildlife. In this photosynthesis process, trees produce oxygen for us to breathe and take in carbon dioxide.  In fact, trees, turf and shrubs filter air by removing dust and other pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.


Trees moderate the effects of rain, sun and wind. Leaves filter and absorb the radiant energy of the sun, keeping things cool. Trees shield us from hail, sleet and downfall of rain. Trees reduce the air temperature and heat intensity of the greenhouse effect by keeping the carbon dioxide levels low. Animals, such as koalas, elephants and giraffes enjoy eating leaves; nectar is for bats, insects and many birds, while flowers are for monkeys. Leaf covered branches offer secured shelter to many animals, keeping them safe from their predators.


Spiritual and Personal Value

Plantation of trees is majestic and beautiful. They are in variety of shapes, textures, forms and colors. They offer comfortable feeling and are living memorials. Trees develop with your kids and thus there is an emotional connection. The strong bonds include memories and have a personal sentimental value.


Commercial and Practical Value

Plantation of trees has various commercial and practical uses. The first fuel is wood and is used for heating and cooking, besides they are of immense help to furniture manufacturing, building construction, sporting equipment, tools and other household items. In fact, the pulp of wood is also useful in making paper.


Fruits such as oranges, apples and other nuts are from trees and some trees barks are a source of medicine, chemicals and also can be made as corks. The bark extracts are used in making aspirin and quinine. Trees inner bark has latex, the rubber main ingredient, and lots more uses of trees adding to commercial and practical value.




Economic and Property Value

The property values present a well maintained landscape on having plantation of trees. Individual shrubs and trees contribute to savings and make an economic impact that it exhibits the effect on the value of the property. The economic value comes from the energy costs savings. Tree shaded homes reduce the cooling costs and plantation of trees done around buildings reduces air conditioning and save energy to a great extent.


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