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Common Computer issues and Symptoms with hardware failure and solutions

Computer is of immense use that now every house or office has computer and with it there are the common hardware failures experienced as well. There is a need for each individual to understand the symptoms of computer failure so that you are able to inform the technician properly. In many cases, it is also possible you replace the hardware. Here is a list of computer issues and symptoms and the way to deal with it.


  1. Computer freezes randomly and your mouse fails to move

In this case, the drive is having a faulty needle that is stuck and it needs to be replaced before it is completely stuck. The right solution is to take a backup soon and to check the drive for bad sectors and this can be done with a testing program.


  1. Computer keeps booting

Disk has bad sectors, this indicates the needle is defective and it is causing scratches on the drive, or is not anymore in a decent quality. Here, windows will replace the defective sectors and try repairing. However, it is right to take a back up and plan for a new hard drive. This drive may fail completely and the data may be lost, but it can be tested also with a testing program.


  1. Bluescreens fault showing in non paged area

Bluescreens appoint usually one or more memory modules that are bad and so you may check it with a memtester and see for the errors. In case you get errors and there is a slot occupied, test it one by one to see if it works.


  1. Boot, but no screen

This is a very common issue with memory and happens when pc boots. Here the data is sent to memory from bios to provide image to your monitor. In situations such as boot and no screen, replacing the memory with modules are sure to be working and it means the modules are dead.


  1. Blurry screen/floating pixels

This happens when your graphics card is really getting hot and it means there is a need for cooling. You may check the card capacitors to see if they are damaged or see it they are dusty. In case there is lot of dust accumulated, you may blow it and consult your technician.


  1. PC boots followed with a long and two short beep

This is a sign of dead graphics card.  In case the computer has an onboard graphics card, your main board may be dead, but you can try with a video card as add-on, if you are already using an addon card. This may be used to your onboard graphics card connected to the main board.


  1. Random shutdown when working or playing games such that it restarts instantly after shut down

This refers to overheating problem with the computer. You may check your cooling, replace the cooling paste or check the overclock settings if the CPU is overclocked.


  1. PC completely fails to boot.

In this condition, you may try a new power supply as this may mainly be the faulty product.


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