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Environment protection is possible by adopting simple ways

Protecting the environment now has become the responsibility of each human being and it is inevitable as man-made disruptions have caused the ecosystems to cause extinction and the incessant pollution has created hazards for people and animals, besides disrupting the environment.


Mankind owes a moral obligation towards the natural world and in acknowledgement of the Earth Day, each individual can contribute to protect the planet and save the Mother Earth. the fossil fuel based advancements in technology and the population boom has taken a toll on the natural environment that we must reverse the degradation effects so that our humanity pursue living in a sustainable and habitable way.


There is a need to adhere to the 3 Rs namely, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. These are really important and relevant to follow and the simple ways of protecting and conserving the environment is possible through small changes. Thus, you can make a better world for your family, for you, the community in that you live and for all the living things. Simple ways to develop a better world include:


  • Creating a heap of compost in your garden or also using it as a compost bin helps recycling of biodegradable materials and food waste.
  • While shopping, carry your eco-bags and avoid plastic bags to your best.
  • Join the trips for tree planting anytime you come to know.
  • If possible run errands, business presentations or attend events by carpooling. Try to find ways to reduce the trips using car.
  • Reduce emissions by cycling or walking and say no to cars for small distances. these are the best alternatives that are a great exercise and keeps you away from driving and breathing carbon monoxide in heavy traffic.
  • Also use the public transport for daily travel and also whenever you can.
  • Avoid pouring waste oil or chemicals on the ground or even in your drains as it leads to water bodies.
  • Give away the paper, drinking bottles, old batteries, used oil and tires for recycling or consider safe disposal, as a way of averting serious pollution.
  • Reduce eating meat to a great extent and more better is to become a vegetarian.
  • Separate recyclable waste and biodegradable from non-biodegradable and try reducing it.


Environment protection has become a great concern and this is the fundamental role of every organization and responsible global citizen. Environmental conservation or protection may be done in many more ways:


  • By using fluorescent compact light bulbs. These are expensive, but will save on your electricity bills and energy.
  • Turn off lights and devices, when not in use.
  • Fix leaky faucets to avoid wastage of water and save rainwater in all possible ways
  • Walk or cycle as much as possible.
  • Stop smoking so that you can contribute by reducing air pollution and in this move, save your lungs health.
  • Use all natural products to clean the house so that they do not include dangerous chemicals. In this way you can keep the air clean from pollution, good for health and is less harsh.
  • Wash the dishes and clothes only with full load, thus you can save water and electricity. Take short showers, so that water is not wasted and also collect rainwater so that you use the same to water your lawn.
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