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How does music theory involve music learning?

Learning music implies you learn the music theory. Here are some myths relating to music theory that it deals only with learning notes, memorizing chords, key signatures, and so on. Another myth is that by learning music theory, one fails to express freely without music, besides music theory is all analyzing and is too hard to understand. Learning music theory will rob your playing time and to learn it one needs to be incredibly intelligent.


Music theory, what is it?

Music theory relates to the study of expressing yourself with music. It sets rules and guidelines to help us comprehend the different ways of expressing emotions with sound. Music theory learning is essential for musicians.


Listening to beautiful songs pleases your mind and indeed a beautiful song takes you wondering how to write music to make it so beautiful. This is music theory; it is about learning to develop chords, learn key signatures and to learn intervals. The music theory concepts refer to the foundation or idea of learning music and the ways to express with music and sound your thoughts.


Music theory is considered by some as unnecessary analyzing and it leads to feel the touch of emotional level.  The fact cannot be denied that not all musicians are aware of the music theory, though they create good music. Nevertheless, the truth is that, the more you know about music theory; you can express accurately your ideas, emotions and thoughts with music.


A simple and straight example is if you wish to build muscles and appear stronger, it means you must start exercising. It is not enough if you are just passionate about doing exercise or having big muscles and are not interested in knowing about weight lifting routines, general health and nutrition. In this way, you do not get stronger and fail to get the desired results.


Value of Music theory


You can see it fails to make real sense. Thus learning music theory teaches you to learn various rhythms and sounds of music that are used to develop emotion in the listeners. This process of learning music and its patterns in music theory, over rules blocks experienced while writing music.


Music theory helps in learning music, writing music and you get better even with guitar improvising. Learning music theory teaches you why certain notes give you a certain feel and this helps in taking quick decisions in musical situations. A bigger problem is that people believe music theory is hard to learn, while the fact is that anything to learn for the first time seems difficult and only with practice and continuous learning, it becomes easier.


Learning music theory is based on your own goals. Music lessons for kids Inner West is fun and people passionate about music are sure to feel stimulated and excited to learn new things. But, it takes effort and hard work to become something and to perfect yourself in music, your determination in learning Inner West singing lessons and the music theory will get you very far, just stay motivated, it will ensure your music goals are achieved.

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