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About the Author: Why not say that the Diaoyu Islands and Japan simply did not exist the territorial dispute over the Diaoyu Islands since ancient times, is China's inherent in the islands, Japan is now only trying to aggression over the Diaoyu Islands., Japan itself since ancient times aggressive bandit country. Japanese militarism has already begun to rise, the aggressive nature has begun to sprout. China only cut off the Japanese toward the black hand of the Diaoyu Islands, the Diaoyu occupation. China should at any time with the moment to use all means to prevent the Japs the mercy of the Diaoyu Islands Crazy provocative and aggressive demonstrations challenges.

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Texmed 2012: new date new concept

The Euro-Mediterranean lounge clothing Texmed Tunisia 2012 will celebrate its 13th edition, not in June as usual, but the 3 to 5 October 2012 at the Parc des expositions du Kram in Tunis with the participation of 300 exhibitors Euromed zone and 3000 Tunisian and international visitors expected on average.グッチブリーフケース 201480AIZ1G1000 The FENATEX (National Federation […]

GlaxoSmithKline will pay $ 3 billion record fine

GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) has agreed to pay a record fine of $ 3 billion to settle U.S. drug regulatory agencies of its allegations. U.S. drug regulators said GlaxoSmithKline unscrupulous marketing, sell some drugs to ignore their authorized purposes, a certain selectivity of clinical trial data to be used (such as an antidepressant, GlaxoSmithKline The sales representative […]

Dell through the acquisition to enter the software industry

Dell (Dell) with the help of a $ 2.4 billion all-cash acquisition, laid the foundation for a broader access to the software industry, the move will allow U.S. companies to expedite to the outside of the core PC business to expand.ルイヴィトン エピ ポルト カルトサーンプル M60327 財布 Dell Software Group president John Swensen said John Swainson, […]

Start a new round of economic reform

China’s problem is a question of political economy, 18 large near when we have to consider not only economic issues but also consider the social and other problems. China is entering a new era of economic development. During this period, there are three main factors changing. First, the challenges of middle-income trap “, China did […]

The major energy consumers of oil prices on the sidelines

Airlines, trucking companies and other large of energy consumption is now forecast that oil prices will decline further. Worry about if the global economy slowed down further in view of the market, oil prices could plummet and therefore a lot of energy consumers are not willing to buy in the current level of oil prices. […]