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World Wide Access to Rare Collectables from the Epic Hit Series Man

1888 Press Release – Vintage Collectors and Fans of the Show get a rare opportunity to participate in an opportunity to own a piece of history. Vancouver, Canada. Ever wonder if the axis side of the war won second world war? That could have very easily been our reality. The Man in the High Castle […]

Dr. James McAdoo Plastic Surgeon in Miami-Top Rated BBL Plastic Surgeon South Florida

1888PressRelease – Dr. James McAdoo is a plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida. He received his medical degree from A.T. Still University Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. U.S. News publishes patient experience ratings from Binary Fountain, which aggregates patient reviews from over a hundred sites to […]

Michael G. Merhige’s New Book Takes Aim at Politicians: the Enemy Within

1888 Press Release – Thoughtful Pauses claims special interests stand in the way of a democratic government. MIAMI – Former CIA operative Michael G. Merhige was once a Washington insider. But now the Beltway is a target in his new political philosophy, Thoughtful Pauses. “Lobbyists and organized election money contributors stand in the way of […]

Sassy Klassy Hair, a Customized Service for Making Hair Extension Dreams Come True

1888PressRelease – I create a customized service to help women with hair extensions and wigs. As a professional with experience in management, beauty and hospitality industries, I was frustrated with the overall process experience of purchasing hair extensions and wigs at the beauty supply stores. The hair industry is a billion dollars industry minority women […]

Michael G. Merhige Highlights Concerns of a Monopolistic Media

1888 Press Release – Former executive and CIA operative calls media a destructive weapon. MIAMI – Author and former CIA officer Michael G. Merhige is no stranger to investigating dictatorships. And in his new book, Thoughtful Pauses, he concludes that contemporary media is every bit a dictatorship, controlling the misinformation given and information not given […]