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3 Benefits of Senior Homecare for Your Elderly Family

The idea of in-home care has been around for quite some time because of its benefits. Most elderly individuals prefer to remain in their house full of memories than move to an old-age home. If you have old parents or grandparents, caring for them can be a challenge in this fast-paced era, especially when you […]

Growth of Clinical Trials and Medical Services

Recently, the market for clinical trial services has been expanding rapidly with an impressive revenue expansion along with the overall growth in the sector. New studies indicate that post 2010 onwards the clinical trial industry has been soaring new heights offering many benefits to the Pharma industry and the clinical service providers. Furthermore, clinical research […]

Looking for Relief from a Back Ache?

A lower back pain can be one of the most crippling pains you could face. It normally happens when one of the vertebrae has shifted out of place and pinched a nerve. In such cases doctors tend to advise bed rest so that the vertebrae can slowly move back into position and remove the pressure […]

Biometric Service Portfolio in Leading CRO’s

Biometrics generally refers to the methods and technology of authentication of an individual making use of automatic verification of personal traits, for instance fingers, face, hands, eyes and voice with the use of geometry, prints and pattern identification and many more. The inhibitions concerning internet activities with security modifications by National Government have resulted in […]

Cannabis strains for treating chronic pains

According to a new research published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), smoking cannabis strains can help in reducing chronic pain, uplifting the mood and improving sleep. For the people who are suffering from chronic, neuropathic pain which is due to accidental or inherent damage or dysfunction of the nervous don’t have too many […]