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Itchy Male Organ: Will Shaving Cure Pubic Lice?

Crabs. Male organ parasites. Whatever one calls them, they all mean one thing: an embarrassingly itchy male organ that necessitates refraining from sensual congress. As male organ health issues go, crabs are more of a n annoyance than a crisis. Aside from the itchy male organ, they may bring about a fever and a feeling […]

Manscaping 101: How to Get a (Mostly) Hairless Male Organ

Grab the machetes, boys! It’s time to whack through the pube jungles and join your friends who are rocking a hairless male organ. Who knows where it began, but now more and more men are opting to abolish their short and curlies for a more streamlined and smoother nether-land experience. Who knows where this trend […]

Jock Itch on the Male Organ: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

An itchy member is no fun. In fact, it often causes discomfort and embarrassment. A common cause of this angry member itch is jock itch. Jock itch on the male organ doesn’t just affect jocks. So even if a man is a pencil pusher or a Halo hero, he can get it. This harmless, though […]

Rash from Self-pleasure: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Everyman has no doubt gotten a little overzealous at some point in his life and self-pleasure until he wound up with a red member and a lot of discomfort. Sometimes it’s just high drive, other times it’s boredom, and other times, well, sometimes it’s just because it’s really fun to do. No matter the reason, […]

Raw Red Male Organ? 6 Tips for Healing

Although a man may enjoy the process by which he gets a raw, red male organ – for example, by engaging in hours of blissful sensual activity, often with the member be handled in a rough but thoroughly delightful manner – he may afterwards wish he had exercised a little restraint. As male organ health […]