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Ekhon Kolkata as an educational tool

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela. Your education is an integral part of your life. Proper education not only builds one’s career, but also his/her character, future everything. So, for getting the right education, it is very necessary to opt for the right learning […]

Anti-Japanese protests erupted again in dozens of cities in China

Tensions around a disputed islands between Japan and China on Tuesday to upgrade. 11 patrol boats to the Senkaku islands (Senkaku) embarked on the anti-Japanese protests in China over the spread. In Beijing, thousands of people held a demonstration outside the Japanese Embassy to commemorate the 81 anniversary of the “September 18 Incident” of the […]

Samsung Tablet PC is no iPad so cool

Samsung (Samsung) successfully frustrated Apple (Apple) initiated legal action intended to prevent its Tablet PC sales in the UK, but Samsung also disgraced British judge ruled that the company’s Galaxy Tab is not cool, and will not bebe mistaken for the iPad. Prior to Apple claims that the three Galaxy Tab is designed with iPad […]

Dental Treatments Abroad

Complete dental services at affordable prices The Cosmetic Dental & Dental Implant Centre “VargaDent” is situated in a little spa town called Bük in the western part of Hungary, near the Austrian border. The clinic, ran by Dr. Peter Varga provides complete dental treatment to its clients. Dental and spa tourism Hungary is a famous […]

The World News – How important News to us?

Today’s World is most competitive. Everything you need to know fast. Everything you need to watch quicker. The World News gives you the opportunity to view the world’s latest news everyday. What type of news you want to know? The world News gives you Business News, Entertainment News, Sports News and International news. Business review […]