Home appliance trading day presentation (2010/02/23)

Undertake Mon trend, today appeared in Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges opened lower pattern, early coal, Financial Non-ferrous metals, steel, real estate, power plate Qi sell into corrections, the two cities opened low stock index at 2950 points and a line weak shocks. Main stock index fell below 3,000 points mark for the afternoon, Stock Index […]

Difficult to repair small appliance repairs might as well buy a new machine

core tips Bought hundreds of dollars a hair dryer, in less than six months on the failure to get a repair shop to repair it, a question did not know until repairs have good scores. Repair or not repair? For Small appliances , It is indeed a problem. Cooker , Rice cooker , Soybean milk […]

The concept of ultra

From the Dragon Boat Festival holiday promotion to the future of small summer promotion, "super quiet" has become the manufacturer and the store concept of the common stir-fried. In addition to "Silent" Air conditioning , There Refrigerator , Washing machine Etc.; Although these main quiet signs Home Appliances Expensive than the ordinary price of many, […]

Dazhong and Yongle full merger within a year

Electric also confirmed the two sides was signed on April 19 to implement a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, from 21 onwards, both the implementation of unified operation, unified management and procurement, and within a year, by way of share exchange to achieve a full merger. Yongle (China) was announced in the 21 day listing in […]

Brief introduction about Hongqiao Town Wenzhou – 980nm Diode Laser K98D14C-4.00

  Hongqiao, a tribal town dependent millennium, a Bing ZHONG Ling Yuk Sau made of the East China Sea gas-pearl, the town area of 57 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 59 administrative villages, eight neighborhoods, with a total population of 98000. China’s production base of electronic components, provincial and central towns, cities and towns, strong town of […]