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Name: Jimmy Fairbank
About the Author: I am a Mortgage Broker based out of West Vancouver and Seattle. I enjoy writing and blogging about various financial services and investments. In my spare time I like to sail my 20' Catalina 445.

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Why Closing Costs Should be Paid Prior to Closing a Real Estate Transaction

The are several additional fees when buying real estate that add to the overall purchase price of the house. These costs are usually referred to as closing costs. Normally, closing costs are the responsibility of the buyer and must be paid before closing a real estate contract. Nevertheless, the seller could decide to cover some […]

10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Broker

Do some work to find the best mortgage broker and do not work with just whoever old broker. To be able to pick a reliable firm, take the time to interview some candidates even if you have to work a lot harder to find a lender do to poor credit. Here are ten questions to […]

Mortgage Brokerage The Individuals Participating Within The Industry

Mortgage Broker In each and every mortgage deal, there is the lender and the borrower. Mortgage deals and transactions could only be successfully completed when both parties have agreed to the deal. The mortgage broker has the demanding job to make certain that all of the steps required by both parties are carried out correctly. […]

Some Useful Information Regarding Credit Report

Your credit report is your credit history summary. It would show how consistently you pay off your financial obligations. In the report will be personal information, employment, and credit account history. It is really essential to have a good credit score and a good credit history so as to be able to buy a house […]

Mortgage Financing and Everything You Must Know Regarding This Particular Type of Loan

The goal of mortgage financing is to be able to extend a mortgage or home loan on commercial property. There are usually two goals that are mortgage financing strives to attain. First is to make steady profit for the lender. Next, by extending the loan, individuals can secure properties that otherwise would not be able […]