Sanitary purchase Note

More and more consumers to buy bathroom product is not only concerned about price, quality, service, brand awareness is more concerned about the reputation and business. If the business or remain in the seller's business philosophy in the past, will certainly competitive disadvantage, even ruthlessly eliminated by the market, sanitary industry into brand marketing era. […]

Appliances to the countryside subsidy payment procedures introduced simplified r

newspaper has reported successive " Appliances to the countryside "Some dealers appeared during the unauthorized increase to subsidize the payment process is cumbersome and so on. Yesterday (April 22), the reporter learned from the Ministry of Finance, to promote the consumption of stimulating domestic demand, the Ministry of Finance together with relevant departments to develop […]

Comments: one week (April 12

Liang Zhaoxian: Glanz Now part of the adoption of the lifetime employment system. ?? "Glanz Liang Zhaoxian: lifetime employment system can ease the shortage of workers" Comments: This year, the "labor shortage" has become a problem can not be ignored. Labor shortage problem in the search for fundamental solutions, Glanz has been partially adopted the […]

The four giant projection of four flagship home projectors Competition

present in the country who engage in domestic machines Who is the first to eat crab only throw money, the fact is that, these companies generally through home machine or a foreign national non-profit or the profit to subsidize the domestic machine and drive the domestic home Projector Market development. Epson, InFocus, Sony Sanyo these […]

Across the board price cut 10 million refrigeration Suning Alliance Resource eme

Suning start the eighth week of the refrigerator section, there is good performance. June 6, the "cooling Union" 100 million units have been put into special market sales of popular models. Meanwhile, following the Siemens occasion to Suning 8th refrigerator Festival, launched in the country in nearly three years after the biggest price cuts, across […]