Appliances to the countryside subsidy payment procedures introduced simplified r

newspaper has reported successive "

Appliances to the countryside

"Some dealers appeared during the unauthorized increase to subsidize the payment process is cumbersome and so on. Yesterday (April 22), the reporter learned from the Ministry of Finance, to promote the consumption of stimulating domestic demand, the Ministry of Finance together with relevant departments to develop a" home appliances under the Township operating rules ", the" home appliances to the countryside "issues arising in the course of the 11 responded.

Products announced price ceiling

Newspaper has reported that Jiangxi, Hunan and other places a "home appliances to the countryside" products increases unauthorized acts by dealers, have announced details of a "home appliances to the countryside" products, price ceiling, and provides for home appliances implementation of rural areas in various regions of the time unified tentatively for 4 years.

Rules that products including home appliances to the countryside




(Including freezers),



Washing machine

, Computers,

Air conditioning

, Water heaters (including storage-type

Water Heater

, Gas water heater, solar water heaters), microwave oven, induction cooker nine categories, the motorcycle into the car to the countryside has been subsidized channels.

Product price ceiling

appliances to rural areas are: 3,500 yuan TV, fridge (with freezer) 2,500 yuan, 1,000 yuan phones, washing machines 2,000 yuan, 2,500 yuan wall air conditioning, floor-type air-conditioning 4,000 yuan, a storage-type electric water heater 1500 yuan, 2,500 yuan gas water heater, solar water heaters, 4,000 yuan, 3,500 yuan computers, microwave ovens 1,000 yuan, the appliance 600.

Rules also noted that the subsidized products of each type of household appliances to the countryside the peasants, maximum 2 sets (pieces). Appliances to the countryside in the hours of regional implementation of the tentative 4 years.

Cash subsidies in place within 15 days

With the introduction of rules, subsidies for home appliances to the countryside payment review process will be further simplified rules to ensure that subsidies to farmers of applications within 15 working days, payment subsidies in place.

According to rules, first in the 16 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities to simplify the subsidy program reform. Lift manufacturers and sales outlets registered shipping link between the relationship of checks and entry to remove audit of township finances, the county finance bureau payment links to sales outlets on behalf of the trial, the payment of township finances.

Pilot time May 1, 2009 to July 31, 2009, after the success of the pilot across the country; not by the financial sector reform areas are still reviewed and honor, but the manufacturer shipped to lift the registration and sale of network links between input constraint relations, and that the "audit of township finances, the county Finance Bureau to honor" to "audit of township finances, and direct payment"; for the implementation of "One Card", "a break through" difficult way to honor the area, in ensure that funds are safe, it can be innovative subsidy programs, taking sales network agent to review and advance subsidy funds, and then clearing the way with the financial sector.

Focused supervision "appliances to the countryside" products

For a very small part of the media products emerged shoddy home appliances to the countryside to renovate the old phenomenon, details of specific requirements, quality supervision departments at all levels should work in accordance with the unified deployment of Administration of Quality Supervision, according to the production the principle of territorial supervision and management of enterprises, the "home appliances to the countryside" products included in the scope of supervision and inspection focus and strengthen successful business winning product quality inspections and spot checks to ensure the implementation of state enterprise "three guarantees" requirement. Receiving timely reports


, Thorough investigation of manufacturers of various impurities, shoddy, substandard product off as qualified products to the offense; crack down on counterfeiting by home appliances to the countryside in the name of the system worse, refurbishment of waste household electrical appliances, entrapping and harming other offense.

Rule also provides that the countryside in the home appliance sales process, sales outlets act as poor farmers to buy the loss caused by all the commitments related to successful sales business. Agency review of the sale of home appliances to the countryside network subsidy funds should be buying people booklet, identity cards and savings passbooks and other basic information strictly confidential and not divulge. As a result of mismanagement causing economic losses to farmers to buy, and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, compensation for economic losses and hold related responsibilities. Home appliances going product management laws and regulations in violation of prices by the government price departments shall impose administrative penalties.

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