Internet TV by 2010 or reach an average growth rate of more than 50% – Internet

appliance industry has entered a mature stage, while the LED TV (backlight LCD TV) is difficult to reconcile short-term cost-effective market structure, the Internet TV Close to zero from 2008, the market share rose to 2.12% 2009 market share. <BR> Research Center under the Qing dynasties report is expected, as the "triple play" policy introduced […]

Chinese home appliance industry is facing the Barrier

With China's accession to WTO, Home Appliances Product tariff rates continue to drop, which for our appliances provided a rare opportunity for the development of China's home appliance manufacturing industry's global competitiveness has gradually improved. At present, China has been a lot of home appliances manufactured the world's first title, such as China Air conditioning […]

China's 2008 export growth sharply down home appliances

Customs statistics, in 2008 China exported 41.56 billion U.S. dollars mainly household appliances, up slightly by 5.8% growth over 2007, down 76.6 percentage points substantially. General Administration of Customs on January 19 message, customs statistics, in 2008 China's major home appliance exports (including fans, Air conditioning , Refrigerator , Home electric appliances, video Washer , […]

Appliance Extended Service dangerous, should be promptly discarded the old appli

11 14, Xinghua public DING at home using a 9-year Television Occurrence Spontaneous Combustion , Then the ruins of the houses were burned. Reporter yesterday (November 19, 2007) From the city fire brigade was informed that this year, because appliance extended use of the city's fire, accounting for three percent more than the total number […]

Who Is behind the appliance price war "pay"

     Shenzhen States United States The new three-day Grand Huaqiang shop Promotions None other activities, in one fell swoop led to the end of the year, Shenzhen, home appliance industry price war. Each Home appliance chain Store prices have sent many spies at any time by phone, text messaging hotlines, customer tirelessly to and from […]