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Experimental Cancer Drugs Need Fda Issued Technical Guidelines

According to ” Drugs Registration “, for the guidance of drug research and development, the state Food Drug Administration formulated the “Drug Cancer Test the principle of the need for technical guidance, “and was recently issued. The “guiding principles” elaborated the circumstances under which the need for experimental cancer drugs to prevent experimental animal resources, […]

Dan Wangong Create A New Three

“Carnival” “In the Water” Shiwan process by the artist Yang xj, District ingot Luan Shiwan created “Landscape Ceramics”, in recent years, “Shiwan Gong Tsai” Arts sea shine. The two craft artists of the “local situation?? Shek Wan Ceramics Fine Exhibition”, scheduled for this September 1 to September 10 exhibition in Guangzhou, Er Sha Island South […]

Lighting Is The Most Promising Semiconductor Lighting Industry

Semiconductor Lighting is recognized as the country’s most promising high efficiency lighting industries, has been called following the incandescent, fluorescent after the revolution in lighting, lighting industry, representing the world’s future direction. The “view” the promulgation of China’s green lighting industry, government support and a broad market space, ushering in an unprecedented development opportunity. Semiconductor […]

South Africa, Indonesia And Other Countries Export Powerhouse Into Energy

China is the world’s largest Energy Saving Lamp Producers, production accounts for 80% of global output, exports more than 100 countries and regions. From the beginning on September 1 last year, the European Union out of Incandescent Begin the first phase of the ban came into effect, according to the EU’s timetable, to September 2012, […]

Shoe Sale Terminals To Expand Consumer Resources?

HC shoe net December 17 News learned that, in the just-concluded Central Economic Work Conference that we should expand domestic demand, especially consumer demand to increase focus, increase spending on the role of economic growth. This shows the importance the state to expand consumption, consumption, upgrade the content to be included in one of emphasis, […]