Dan Wangong Create A New Three

“Carnival” “In the Water” Shiwan process by the artist Yang xj, District ingot Luan Shiwan created “Landscape Ceramics”, in recent years, “Shiwan Gong Tsai” Arts sea shine. The two craft artists of the “local situation?? Shek Wan Ceramics Fine Exhibition”, scheduled for this September 1 to September 10 exhibition in Guangzhou, Er Sha Island South will be on display for free public viewing.

Thousands of years, Guangdong will Shek Wan pottery arts collectively, the “Dan Wangong earners.” High technology and regional artist Yang xj tablets to create three-dimensional landscape pottery Luan, become another “Dan Wangong earners” excellent.

The last century, was born in the early sixties Shiwan the xj and the District tablets Luen Yang, is now a time when young and creative masterpieces frequent peak period. They gathered in the master’s Shek Wan pottery art ceramics factory Gao Chuangzuo. They chose a non-teacher to follow the new road pottery: Painting to Tao, the Chinese landscape painting of the poetic blend of ceramic objects into, try to create a new three-dimensional landscape miniature plastic stickers.

After a difficult exploration, Yang xj couple out of the first pieces of ceramic three-dimensional landscape work “after the rain sun” shines! At first glance like a common “Shiwan Gong Tsai”, take a closer look but authentic, deep retain the traditional characteristics Shiwan Pottery: If Shek Wan pottery known for high temperature, viscosity and strong, characterized by high plasticity, Therefore, the “Shiwan Gong Tsai” flying the belt she can better shape the character and very thin lines, elegant smooth, especially vivid. This feature has been applied to the three-dimensional Yang xj couple miniature paste plastic on the landscape, high mountains, green leaves, Fluttering with great accuracy, meaning infinite. Results, “the setting sun after the rain” by the Guangdong Arts & Crafts Prize, was again the Buddha Tao Group awarded the “Best Creative Award Shek Wan Ceramics.”

Since then, Yang xj couples successively launched the “myriad loose sound,” “spring water people,” “Harvest Fun”, “Nowata Unmanned horizontal” and a series of works. In these efforts masterpiece, they were blend of Chinese Painting, freehand, lines, line drawing, outlines and other performance practices, learn from the Western sculpture full relief, relief, openwork carving art form, into the Western art of modeling accuracy as well as light and dark, light, the use of color, combined with the molded Shiwan pottery, sculpture, flick of plastic, laminating and other means, so that works in different styles, “Shiwan Gong Tsai” unique artistic sea, stand out and watch the appreciation of, artistic conception, evocative flock of many of the works not wait for the final completion, it was Britain and the United States and the Guangzhou Museum of Art and collectors such as book collections.

Yang xj couple’s first three-dimensional landscape art of pottery in this new flower blooming on the way up.

Yang xj couple years down the south, up the Yangtze, Deng Emei, walking along the cliff, visit Dunhuang, into the desert … … create a “Pearl of the Yangtze River Map”, “who lives in the mountains green water”, “Silk Road”, ” Lijiang River Run Up “,” Wuling Spring “and other three-dimensional landscape pottery.

Xj and the District tablets Luan Yang’s artistic attainments, has been increasingly widespread recognition and appreciation of works have received various awards at home and abroad. In recent years, Yang xj invitation of international ceramics master, has to the United States, Japan, Singapore and other places to visit, and exchange of ceramics by local artists, his interpretation of ceramic art on the spot, to the Chinese people’s fine for someone special, dumping a large number of foreign ceramics home.

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