Adventure Novel Axel – The Mysterious Tapestry Featured at LA Times Festival of Books

(1888PressRelease) At the LA Times Festival of Books, Adelpha L. DeGuzman’s “Axel—The Mysterious Tapestry” will be showcased at booth 225. This imaginative adventure novel weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue, inviting readers on a journey of courage and determination in a kingdom threatened by destruction.

LOS ANGELES – During the LA Times Festival of Books, a free two-day outdoor event on April 20th and 21st, Axel—The Mysterious Tapestry by Adelpha L. DeGuzman will be featured at the ReadersMagnet exhibit in booth number 225.

The imaginative adventure novel Axel transports both youth and adult fans of fantasy into a fascinating world intertwined with mystery and intrigue and propelled by exciting, unexpected plot twists and turns. On this world, it was believed that the retrieval of twelve special gems would create the weapon needed to defeat the enemy and save the kingdom. These gems could only be retrieved by the prophesized Chosen One, who would be called upon to show courage and face grueling trials. However, if he refused the call and fled, the kingdom could be destroyed.

Inspired by her father’s journalistic background, DeGuzman embarked on her writing journey while juggling an active career and a family. Throughout the years, she continued to nurture a dream of becoming a writer. She balanced her roles as a forensic accountant, naval wife and mother after relocating to the United States. Her dream came true with the publication of Axel, which will now have exposure at the upcoming LA Times Festival of Books.

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime for me,” DeGuzman reflected. “So many years, so many doubts…to see my dreams come to fruition like this makes me feel equal parts humbled and excited.”

The event enables publishers and authors alike to associate their brand with one of the largest and most diverse literary festivals in the world. By joining the LA Times Festival of Books, independent authors have the chance to connect with potential partners, collaborators and readers.

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About Adelpha L. DeGuzman – Despite spending her career making use of her bachelor’s degree in Business as a forensic accountant, Adelpha had always wanted to be an author. Her literary aspirations, however, took a backseat as she navigated the responsibilities of her profession and family life. After retiring, Adelpha seized the opportunity to rekindle her passion for storytelling. A decade in the making, her book, Axel: The Mysterious Tapestry, is a testament to her dedication and determination. This enthralling tale, born from years of inspiration and unwavering commitment, invites readers into a world intertwined with mystery and intrigue. Adelpha’s book is more than a story on paper; it is a meaningful journey of resilience and creative pursuit. She invites readers to partake in the adventure she meticulously built with Axel, hoping that many will discover delight and excitement within its pages.

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