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When it comes to the female body, ejaculation is not one of the first words that pop into mind. While female ejaculation isn’t common, it isn’t completely unheard of either.

Female ejaculation, which is more commonly called squirting, usually happens right before, or during her orgasm. When the woman becomes aroused, her body tightens, her paraurethral ducts contract and she expels a clear liquid. Since not all women experience ejaculation, and even women who do experience it don’t experience it every time they climax, no one knows why the phenomenon happens when it does. Most medical experts treat the idea of squirting with the same sort of disbelief the reserve for the idea that women posses a G-spot that helps them climax faster.

The phenomenon of squirting has fallen in and out of public favor, It seems like there will be a period of time when medical experts are writing about, discussing, and debating squirting, and then several years will pass without a word, until once again the topic resurfaces. The last time the subject of female ejaculation was during the late 1970’s and early ’80’s, when several papers were written regarding squirting.

For years women who did experience ejaculation were embarrassed. They didn’t know what had happened and felt that the squirting would repulse their partner. During those more conservative times, the woman usually felt she should have been able to control her body, and thus avoid the situation. It was not unusual for a woman to swear off sex after a squirting episode. Today women’s attitude towards squirting has changed, while some women might still be embarrassed when they experience squirting, others feel that the extra fluid is simply a sign that they are having a really great sexual experience.

Many men have adopted the same attitude towards squirting as women when it comes to squirting. Most men feel that if their partner ejaculates during intercourse, than it is a sign that they, the male partner, are extremely skilled when it comes to sex. The attitude that many sexual therapist have adopted is that female ejaculation is not something to shy away from, nor, since so little is known about it, is it something partners should strive for with every encounter.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the female ejaculation has made it into the porn industry. There are entire sections of sex movies dedicated to phenomenon of squirting, and many of them can be found on the internet, all one has to do is visit an internet porno tube web tube and click on the appropriate link.

However, just because you are able to connect to the internet does not mean you will necessarily be able to watch a squirting video. In the UK, the making of squirting sex videos has been banned on the basis that there is no concrete evidence that the ejaculation is anything other than urine. Australia is another country where the making of squirting videos has been prohibited. Australia has banned all sex videos featuring any type of squirting from porno websites.

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