West Point Grad Launches Her Poetry Memoir in Celebration of National Poetry Month

(1888PressRelease) Release highlights poetry memoir published by one of the company co-founders in celebration of National Poetry Month.

Port St. Lucie-Fort Pierce, FL – In celebration of National Poetry Month, Celia Rentería Szelwach, a 1990 West Point graduate and Army veteran has released her poetry memoir. “Life As A Tapestry: A Poetry Memoir” is a deep and provocative exploration of human experience through the lens of poetry. Each poem serves as a thread, weaving together the intricate tapestry of a life lived and a journey taken. With raw emotion and unflinching honesty, this work invites readers into the depths of their souls, sharing moments of love, loss, triumph, resilience, and rebirth.

This collection of thirty-eight poems is divided into three sections—Letting Go, The Discomfort Zone, and A New Beginning. The poems explore the nuances of change, growth, and leadership.

From releasing the past to navigating uncertainty and embracing new horizons, this anthology offers solace, wisdom, and inspiration for traveling life’s winding paths. Through its captivating cover and lyrical prose, “Life As A Tapestry” serves as a timeless companion, illuminating the beauty embodied in the journey of self-discovery and the enduring power of the human spirit.

“We all weave a life story waiting to be told,” says Celia Rentería Szelwach. “Through poetry, I have found a voice to express the unique layers of my narrative, and in doing so, I hope to connect with others who may find comfort, understanding, or inspiration in these words.”

As National Poetry Month unfolds, “Life As A Tapestry” stands as a testament to the enduring power of poetry to illuminate common lived experiences. Whether read in quiet solitude or shared among friends, this poetry memoir serves as a reminder that, despite the complexities of life, we are all connected, and there is beauty to be found in every thread of our existence.

This poetry memoir is now available through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. Contact the author, Celia Rentería Szelwach for additional information.

Celia Rentería Szelwach left Southern California and moved to Upstate New York at age 17, graduated from West Point in the 11th class of women, and served as an Army Captain and senior-rated parachutist at Fort Bragg, NC (now known as Fort Liberty). She has reinvented herself many times, enjoying careers in Corporate America and Higher Education as well. She is a co-founder of PCS2 Consulting, a consulting and coaching company committed to building healthy, high-performing work cultures.


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