A Crime Writing Course That Fits In With A Changing Society

(1888PressRelease) A crime writing course that focuses on getting to the meat of a crime story by approaching it from an emotional POV rather than a traditional story structure.


• A new emotional approach to crime fiction writing
• An incubator for a new generation of crime fiction writers
• Course include tips and strategies on marketing and selling of writer’s work
• A seasoned crime fiction writer developing writers for realistic internet dramas

How about a crime writing course that can provide non-writers with writing tools that could turn them into the kind of tale spinners whose stories could end up on the shelves of commercial book stores as well perhaps even on TV streaming platforms like Amazon, Netflix or Hulu?

Teddy Hayes’ online Crime Fiction Writing Course just might be the answer. Hayes approaches storytelling from a bite size perspective and focuses the student on making, keeping and developing emotional connections between the characters and readers as opposed to the traditional form of storytelling that focuses on the time-worn beginning middle and end scenario. His work as a screen writer in New York working on shows like America’s Most Wanted and crime stage plays helped him develop his concept.

During the early nineties while writing his acclaimed Devil Barnett detective series, he began working on the concept of creating online dramas, which then led to his writing, producing and directing Da Block an online drama created specifically with an internet audience in mind.

Link: Online crime fiction drama “DA BLOCK.” 48 second trailer:

“I discovered that the emotional connection to the reader or viewer was the essence of storytelling, even more so than story structure. Also, we live in a world where people are busy and oftentimes their concentration and attention spans are not what they once were, when life was more simplistic. As a result, many people don’t focus for long periods on some things in the way they may have in the past. Now people are more used to immediate gratification and want to get to the meat of the thing quickly, so my very flexible and focused bite-sized approach allows people to write and develop and focus on those things that will make people feel as well as think” says Hayes.

In the course he not only teaches the tools of writing that will be geared towards creating writers interested in internet dramas, which he has produced in the past, but also covers business related topic like copyright, finding an agent as well as the subject of self-publishing verses traditional publishing.

Hayes says purposely he designed the course with four additional things in mind 1. He wanted people to be able to listen to the course like a podcast so they could do other things as they took the course. 2. He wanted the course to be very affordable because he was always reminded of his early days in New York when he would sometimes have to choose between food and the price of a train ticket. 3. He wanted the writers to be able to reach people with stories and language they related to and understood. 4. He wanted people to be encouraged to give his writing course as a gift for birthdays and holidays, so he built a referral program into the course that allows the affiliates to earn money by recommending the course to others.

So, for those with dreams of a bestseller or even a medium seller or of writing your own book or screenplay, this course may offer you a way to do it that fits into your plans as well as your busy lifestyle. See more at www.teddyhayesproductions.com/crimewrite

For further information and visuals please contact Teddy Hayes directly at thayesauthor@gmail.com

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