Lighting Is The Most Promising Semiconductor Lighting Industry

Semiconductor Lighting is recognized as the country’s most promising high efficiency lighting industries, has been called following the incandescent, fluorescent after the revolution in lighting, lighting industry, representing the world’s future direction. The “view” the promulgation of China’s green lighting industry, government support and a broad market space, ushering in an unprecedented development opportunity.

Semiconductor lighting, also known as solid state lighting, is to use solid-state light emitting devices as light sources, including LED (LED) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED). With the rapid technological development, extensive applications, industrial drive strong, energy-saving potential characteristics.

States Home Appliances Vice President Hu Zhaoguang energy research network that semiconductor lighting has three advantages: First, energy conservation, in the same lighting conditions of brightness, LED lights average than ordinary light saving 40-50% or more, and post-maintenance low maintenance costs , After the installation, 3 to 5 years, hardly any maintenance cost; second, Environmental protection The light does not contain the current prevailing market sales of common energy-saving lamps contain mercury, lead and hazardous substances and hazardous gases; Third, long service life, average life of up to 50,000 to 100,000 hours, is common Lighting 3 to 5 times.

It is because of these characteristics, the semiconductor lighting is national recognized as the most promising energy efficient lighting industry, has been called following the incandescent, fluorescent after the revolution in lighting, lighting industry, representing the world’s future direction, not only is present to deal with international Financial Crisis and maintain steady and rapid economic development, an important breakthrough, but also bring about a new technological revolution, cultivate new industries, promote energy conservation, to address global climate change an important way. Long-term development, the world lighting industry is in transition, many countries made out incandescent lights to promote energy-saving plan, the semiconductor industry as the future energy-saving lighting new economic growth point.

Recent years, semiconductor lighting industry has developed rapidly, the global output value growth rate remained at 20%. China has formed a complete industrial chain, and downstream integration in the application has some advantages. Output value of China’s semiconductor lighting in 2008 nearly 700 million, of which Chip Value of 1.9 billion, the output value 18.5 billion package, applications, value of 45 billion yuan.

China also attaches great importance to the role of semiconductor lighting. As early as the end of 2008, Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Finance started the “10 City 10 000” demonstration is planned in 2010 in the 10? 20 cities to promote more than 300,000 municipal LED lighting. “Opinions” are further defined semiconductor lighting energy industry in China focus on the development areas: First, technology and equipment. Support the MOCVD equipment, new substrates, high purity source MO (metal organic sources) and other key equipment and materials, research and development; conduct GaN materials, OLED materials and devices for basic research and development; support the basic theory of semiconductor lighting applications, including the luminosity science, color science, surveying, etc.; capture semiconductor lighting industrial common key technologies, including high-power chips and devices, drive circuit and standardized modules, system integration and application technologies.

Second, lighting products. Development and promotion of alternative incandescent, halogen and other energy-saving effect is remarkable, cost-effective semiconductor lighting setting products; development and promotion of parking taste tunnels, roads and other high performance requirements, lighting a long time setting function of semiconductor lighting products; development of Zhongshan University size liquid crystal display backlight, Car Lighting potential growth of semiconductor lighting products; development of medical, agricultural and other special purpose semiconductor lighting products.

Third service system. Improve the international standard test platform for semiconductor lighting products; support the establishment of public information services, multi-disciplinary design creativity and talent training platform; to encourage energy-saving diagnosis, consultation evaluation, product promotion, publicity and training services; promotion of contract energy management, demand management, etc. Energy services the new mechanism.

Broad prospects for development of green lighting industry, but the development of semiconductor lighting in China there are still some issues to resolve, such as the lack of patent and core technology, the lower the overall level of industry, low levels of blind investment phenomenon.

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