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On The Packaging Of Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Of Non

2003 12 18, the State Food Drugs Authority issued a “package on the strengthening of Chinese Herbal Medicine Regulatory Notice” (State Food and Drug Administration [2003] No. 358), called for July 1, 2004 after the Chinese Herbal Medicine is still not consistent with the behavior of packaging requirements to investigate and punish according to law […]

Pepsi Cola In The Ear Were Suspected Of Smuggling 111 Thousand Tax Evasion Prose

“Indictment”, said from April 2005 to September 2007, Pepsi A total of 11,700 tons of Coke Fruit extract B smuggling, tax evasion and tax payable for a total of 111 million yuan Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court on March 24 trial PepsiCo (China) Limited (PepsiCo) is suspected of smuggling Coke Drinks Important Raw material Case. […]

Examples Of Air

: Heat Pump Technology is of concern in the world in recent years, new Energy Technology, currently used in reverse cycle air conditioners more. But in the heat pump heating Energy Saving and Environmental protection Of good performance, sanitary hot water supply systems are also more and more as the heat source heat pump equipment. […]

Modern Chinese History Through Corporate Management Thinking

Spring and Autumn, the philosophers, so that hundreds of ancient Chinese thought lit, laid the Confucianism, Taoism, Legalism and other Zhupai theory, I very much hope that this way to explore different Management Style and management theory. 1. For the management principles, to promote my own words, “the letter, Ya, Da” Letter that is honest, […]

Architectural Decoration To The Doors And Windows Peak Demand Will Reach 500 Mil

Financial Crisis has a great impact in many industries, while China Construction Decoration seems to be an exception. Building and Decoration 2009 GDP grew 15%. Industry estimates, architectural decoration industry more than 20% this year, is expected to maintain growth. Architectural decoration reflects the people’s pursuit of the good life. Architectural and civil engineering, equipment […]