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[Photo] TV news technical platform integration and development – production and broadcast, live, News – HC Network broadcasting industry

Of: Li in Nanjing, Technical Director TV News Keywords: live news network   Television news technology platform integration, refers to television news gathering, producing, broadcasting and other sectors integrate various technical resources and technical means, as used in television news production, to achieve optimal production process, the best broadcast to good effect. TV news channels, […]

UT Starcom Yang: concern IPTV system integration strategy-IPTV, UT Starcom, telecommunications networks – Radio and Television Industry

Both carriers, or TV broadcast operators, IPTV system integration is still a perplexing problem.   System integration is a problem related to the industrial structure. In the structure of the question, how the various related enterprises of various products around the IPTV business activities of production and effective organization, to form a reasonable allocation of […]

Event tracking: Li Hua mortgage behind 20 tons of milk powder 2

"Li Hua dairy milk is not destruction of records." Wang Xin'm sure.     "I do not know the work is intentionally concealed or missing, (the problem formula) how the quality supervision departments will be able to escape regulation?" Wang Weimin this very much puzzled.     February 8, from Le Hong Dairy issues milk purchased U.S. food companies […]

3G era computer to watch TV anytime, anywhere – TV Stick, 3G, PC – HC Network broadcasting industry

If a computer can be completely buttoned all the work and entertainment, then the modern young man is really a matter of convenience, however. Perhaps you will say, I must first discard the shackles of TV, so my computer into a TV to watch programs anytime, anywhere. In fact, we who live in 3G era, […]

Olympics accelerate China's car market boom mobile TV – mobile TV, the Olympics – HC network broadcasting industry

2006 ~ 2009 China Car TV The annual market growth rate will exceed 50%, in 2006 China Car TV market will reach 188,000 units sold in 2008 as Olympics Provide opportunities, car TV market will approach 60 million units sold, up more than 80% growth in 2009, the Chinese TV market, car sales will exceed […]