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Zhang Jindong, Ahead Of The Sea: Why Did Hong Kong

Suning Zhang Jindong, chairman for the first time media claims: Suning plans shop in 2010 in Hong Kong, then Hong Kong is a springboard into the international market. Suning in the newly released 2008 annual report, net profit of 2.17 billion yuan of Suning Appliance’s business growth this year to make optimistic forecasts??? The official […]

Dragon Boat Festival, The Ultimate Benefit Large And Medium Strong Start Selling

This is a Dragon Boat Festival Golden Week this year, this is the last holiday before the 2008 race for ex-gratia, which is again large and medium industry leader demonstrate another strength of proof. Medium and large electrical appliances before the Dragon Boat Festival has made a comprehensive forecast of the market, not only in […]

30 Million Four

September 6, long-awaited Suning Electrical festival finally opened its sale benefit the activities gorgeous veil, less than 8 am, Suning Appliance Chongqing Road shop front has been drawing huge crowds, was on fire. Jin Qianren already lined up early and wait in the doorway waiting for Suning opened the door, holding a newspaper in which […]

Household Electrical Appliance Enterprises Electronic Monitoring Of Product Qual

From AQSIQ issued “on the implementation of the” State Council on Strengthening Safety Supervision and Management of food products such as special provisions for “the implementation of product quality electronic supervision of notice” (State Quality Supervision, Inspection Mass 2007 582) initially to the present Unlike the food, pharmaceutical industry, most businesses on the implementation of […]

Postganglionic Purchasing From Hot Consumer Electronics Market To See Trends In

    Rapid heating appliance market in Shenzhen, home appliance itself and the price effect on consumption changes that have occurred should not be overlooked. End of the first view, consumers may be outcrops of some of the market from the post-holiday hot spots, to grasp the trend of consumption throughout the year. TV Domestic prices […]