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: Heat Pump Technology is of concern in the world in recent years, new Energy Technology, currently used in reverse cycle air conditioners more. But in the heat pump heating Energy Saving and Environmental protection Of good performance, sanitary hot water supply systems are also more and more as the heat source heat pump equipment. Which the outdoor air as heat source of air source heat pump, a simple structure, no special rooms, convenient installation, hot water supply in the health irreplaceable advantages, in addition to the larger air-source heat pump Hot water system Addition, there is already a small number of brands of household air source heat pump water heater is also on the market.

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1. Home features central air conditioning

Home central air conditioning, compared with the traditional home air conditioner, indoor air distribution more reasonable, even temperature, room temperature fluctuation is small; use indoor ceiling mounted indoor unit can play, air pipes, refrigerant pipes or water pipes conveniently placed in the ceiling, and integrated into effect in the decorating; home central air conditioning general household use of a host, avoid the use of multiple split-type air conditioner because of the impact caused by excessive outdoor appearance and the entire building caused by hidden dangers (outdoor unit installed outside the building may be due to mount a long wind and rain and falling), beautification of the district’s environment; greatly improved the traditional home air-conditioner indoor unit connecting piping exposed and hanging Indoor sky indecent questions.

2. Home central air conditioning installation problems and solution measures

As the special home central air conditioning, the use of effects and installation design and installation of quality there is a big relationship, not an ordinary company can install the installation, but should be a professional home central air-conditioning installation company. Before installation, the installer should carefully check the home central air conditioning installation detailing to harmonize the design and decorating carried out. However, the existing home market is a bit confusing to install central air conditioning in the design and installation, the installer does not provide installation detail drawing, calculation and consider the air conditioning is not the actual energy efficiency issues; installers poor technical quality, and some construction teams do not often find to have a professional qualification certificates of technical personnel to install, installation quality issues seriously; the installation process does not give users options, under the brand of performance can not be reasonable to install, on the air conditioner in the course of the problem can not occur responsibility; the contract is not publicized list of materials needed for installation, not the cost of publicity materials, details, the process of shoddy construction and deceive users.

If not completely change the situation, bound for home central air conditioning has just started the promotion and use of the larger negative impact. Suo Yi, manufacturers must take effective measures to strengthen the training of installation personnel, especially new products, the introduction of new technology, more take great efforts to do this work, otherwise, not only to the user larger economic losses caused by , but also shatter the air-conditioning manufacturer brands.

Home central air conditioning installation according to the current problems in the process, the following issues should be increased attention.

(1) outdoor installation Home central air conditioning outdoor unit, independent-style residential buildings, can be installed outdoors in an ad hoc basis, but also can be placed on the roof of a neighbor and indoor noise was less affected. For a collection of architecture, the general can only be set in the open terrace or pick table (except the top outside). Some installers do not take any anti-vibration measures, directly to the air conditioner outdoor unit placed outside space (balcony or challenge the basis of Taiwan), or by a simple shelf hung on the wall, the machine running (especially at night) on the indoor and neighbors a great impact, noise not only affects the users, but also affect the peace of neighbors, the resulting neighborhood conflicts, and even complaints do occur.

During installation,

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