Pepsi Cola In The Ear Were Suspected Of Smuggling 111 Thousand Tax Evasion Prose

“Indictment”, said from April 2005 to September 2007, Pepsi A total of 11,700 tons of Coke Fruit extract B smuggling, tax evasion and tax payable for a total of 111 million yuan

Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court on March 24 trial PepsiCo (China) Limited (PepsiCo) is suspected of smuggling Coke Drinks Important Raw material Case. PepsiCo two Chinese with trial staff.

Involved employees Huang Xuyi as PepsiCo buyer. According to “indictment” describes, Huang in April 2005 audit “cola nut extract B” material related to customs, and found that U.S. suppliers invoices, the goods of the commodity code is “1302” at the beginning, and Pepsi to Customs codes used for the “3302” at the beginning.

Kola nut extract from the African tropical plant whose main components are caffeine and trace cocoa base, Essence Oils, glycosides, cola base, is an important raw material cola drinks. Access to the Customs Tariff

Huang found that the declaration has been adopted commodity coding, “33021010.00” error, the correct code should be “13,021,990.99.” That time, if the correct code to declare the import tariff rate of 20%, while the wrong encoding declaration, customs was 15%.

Yellow to the other employees involved in the case, when he was in charge of procurement Lin Dong reported above. Lin will be the situation reported to the Purchasing Manager Wang Fenjiang PepsiCo. Wang decided to continue to use the original false report to the customs commodity code. Huangpu Customs anti-smuggling bureau placed on file, the Wang are in Ireland, refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Subsequent to September 2007, at 30-month period, a total of 11,700 tons of kola nut extract B smuggling. “Indictment,” said the evaded tax payable for a total of 111 million yuan.

According to “indictment” describes, in the meantime, Huang Xuyi also recommended Forest East Contact U.S. suppliers of goods allowed to delete the invoice coding. The king agreed, the forest arrangement Clerk to U.S. suppliers to e-mail invoice after the United States, the inclusion of suppliers “33,021,010.00.”

Public prosecution that constitutes a unit of PepsiCo’s crime, while two employees directly responsible, as should be held accountable.

Defense counsel pointed out that PepsiCo: PepsiCo plant from the beginning, that is, 33,021,010 encoding declaration.

Background note is that under the tariff code 33021010 declining, its peak in 1997 of 65% to 20% by 2003 with 13,021,990 under the tariff code unchanged. PepsiCo to 3302 encoding declaration has been handed over to customs tax 1.78 million yuan.

Defense counsel that a historical perspective, Pepsi products in the tariff code 2005, 3302 down to 15% after the encoding declaration is still not intentionally by the PepsiCo. In addition, the Department selective law enforcement suspects that the choice of different encoding based on the level of tax rates on the same commodity tax.

Case by the end of Huangpu Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau of Investigation, at December 18, 2009 shall be transferred Guangzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate for examination and prosecution. Trial continued until 24 pm, the court will select a sentencing date.

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