Internet TV by 2010 or reach an average growth rate of more than 50% – Internet

appliance industry has entered a mature stage, while the LED TV (backlight LCD TV) is difficult to reconcile short-term cost-effective market structure, the
Internet TV
Close to zero from 2008, the market share rose to 2.12% 2009 market share.
<BR> Research Center under the Qing dynasties report is expected, as the "triple play" policy introduced in national policies, technical support, customer demand and other factors under the strong boost in 2010, the average growth rate of Internet TV, or will reach more than 50%, and
Industry, a breakthrough that gave birth to a large new media industry chain.
<BR> From a policy point of view, the central government subsidies to 2 billion yuan for the "
TM to
"Policy to stimulate the color TV industry from CRT TVs to flat-panel TV spending to upgrade. Triple play policy is the introduction of color TV industry for the future development of the direction. January 13, 2010, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting , clearly accelerate the telecommunications network, radio networks and Internet triple play. January 14, 2010,
Zhu Hong, a spokesman said the media should strengthen the construction of a new focus on developing networks of mobile multimedia broadcasting and television broadcasting box.
<BR> Technical support from the point of view, a long time, domestic TV brands in the foreign brands under siege steadily lost market today
The mainstream LCD TV, LED TV's core technology beyond the grasp of the hands in the domestic color TV enterprises, resulting in domestic TV business profit margins, and weak bargaining power of upstream and downstream, there is no technical difference, always lag behind foreign TV companies. The current domestic Internet TV chip technology has been mastered in the hands of domestic enterprises, and its content platform, there is no release of foreign capital access permission, the domestic color TV enterprises in the production and sale of Internet TV distribution on the leader in foreign investment.
<BR> Demand from the customer point of view, as the global increase of Internet users, Internet users younger and younger people tend to be more open and free Internet platform, rather than the closed network television system. Internet TV is a broadband network for the carrier, the form of video and audio multimedia, interactive features into personality, for all full-paid broadband end-users
The business, follow the people involved in the birth of consciousness and a strong demand for autonomy.
<BR> 2009 3 31,
Announced the launch of the real "Internet TV", and in the same year on November 10 announced the shutdown of non-network television for more than 40 inches; Changhong said in a month would be halted and more than 32-inch flat-panel non-network TV; Konka is a high-profile announced that the 2010 Internet TV shipments to reach 350 million units, accounting for 50% of flat-panel TV category above.
<BR> Lack of resources to address the issue of content, some domestic well-known TV company is planning to jointly build a platform for Internet television content to provide users with a wealth of video content, information content and entertainment content. Based on these factors to promote the effect of the first 11 months of 2009, the development of Internet television has been higher than sales growth in the TV industry's sales growth.
<BR> However, despite the good momentum of development of Internet television, but under the sub-sector and industry was born in the early stage of development of the shackles, and there are uncertainties.
<BR> Present, the domestic content with their own platform and have resources in the TV show very few companies, most of Internet TV can only view some of the default video site with vendors, can not be upgraded and the increase in online users have purchased products function. Meanwhile, the three are integrated only in the release phase of the policy, implementation of a lag, the effect of integration is difficult to judge. Status from the network point of view, although China's broadband backbone network construction has been basically completed, but the current conditions of broadband access, IPTV is not yet fully meet the needs of development, in order to provide high-quality video content, on our existing broadband access transformation will require substantial upgrading investment.
<BR> In addition, the prolonged difficult to break the current television piracy case of repeated phenomenon, to find effective profit model, to develop sound business rates are beginning to carry out business problems to be solved. Luo Qing Branch venture capital analyst? Said that if you want to get Internet TV substantial development, we need to build good content platform to provide users with a wealth of genuine interactive entertainment content and more features to find the most appropriate business model .

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