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Small household appliance market week in review (09.5.11-5.17) – Solar successfu

Users concerned Small appliances News 1 : Home appliances to the countryside successful product publicity Comments: May 14, a new round of Appliances to the countryside Winning product announced aroused strong concern users. Among them, Solar water heaters Because it is the first short-listed home appliances to the countryside, attention, naturally came first, induction cooker, […]

Commercial cryptographic applications blossom everywhere: deep dash of quantum e

Filed encryption technology, many people feel is very mysterious. Because, in any country, cryptography have been used as an important strategic country to protect the United States and other Western countries on the export of encryption technology to take strict control measures, more than 128 of the severe restrictions on encryption technology exports. It is […]

Delta products, providing a perfect solution for tape – Video Encoder/Decoder Ma

Currently, Delta PLC, servo, inverter, and a series of man-machine interface, a tape automation products, machinery and equipment in the Fuzhou factory trial success, Delta products with superior quality, the perfect solution for cost-effective, comprehensive pre-service , and has received recognition by users. The Fuzhou tape machine equipment factory is specialized in manufacturing all kinds […]

HC Kometa Brno – China Video Multiplexer – TDM over IP

History of the team name 1953 Rud hvzda Brno 1962 ZKL Brno 1976 TJ Zetor Brno 1990 HC Zetor Brno 1993 HC Krlovopolsk Brno 1994 HC Kometa Brno 1995 HC Kometa Brno BVV 1997 HC Kometa Brno Current players Current players and their career statistics (or statistics in Czech Extraliga) at the end of the […]

Ridiculous or the mine had "cottage" reputable car through the streets

"Cottage" reputable car through the streets BYD F3 put Toyota logo, Huachen Jun Jie, transformed into BMW, Geely CK Pong on the Mercedes-Benz … … on the road as long as little attention so ridiculous "cottage" car quite a bit. However, the traffic police to remind, "cottage" vehicle violations they may harm. Visit Sign for […]