Appliances Living Museum Glanz one after another attack, "overtly" Cha

To mark the 60th anniversary of the birth of microwave world's first "microwave Festival" in China, the climax of nearly a thousand Galanz appliances all over the country living museum after another attack, is the microwave oven section into the 234 market. The same time, a greater change around the kitchen officially opened the curtain. […]

Samsung models learn the value of the international mainstream enterprise applia

      M & A 30% success rate, "Samsung model" worthy of reference of domestic enterprises Chinese appliance lock in "the international mainstream enterprise" Chinese home appliance industry in 2005 is an unusual year, this year the development of home appliance business ups and downs, the company adequate diversification is exploration, international walking hurriedly, 2005 […]

Guangzhou ranks among the top 10 home appliances complaints focused on service –

A flat TV , Spent a year on the bad, and maintenance costs, may be close to or more than buying a new machine price. China Electronics Chamber of Commerce Consumption Sale of electronic products Service Professional Committee of the Secretary-General, said Zhou Ming, China's current consumer electronics products polarization severe service, after-sales service to […]

Huang Guangyu: too busy to think about the ideal

Have not the slightest Pearl City in Beijing, then I show off that little store in the Cartons Traces. Huang Guangyu Using two decades, to itself as important in the household appliance industry great. "Now there is no sense of wealth, has no time to enjoy the wealth of the." Rich man who was only […]

European Smoke bullish momentum by adding new plants are mixed Bureau

: As China's economic growth, improve living standards and the impact of Canton and 51, generally speaking, the kitchen electric manufacturers are in the traditional sense, although the three April off-season, but the overall production and sales but also to well over last year. Shunde Gas Appliance Chamber of Commerce was established. Shunde, Deputy Mayor […]