Materials revolution will be the home appliance industry, "Nirvana?" T

  Stranded core technology, "secondary pollution" urgent to resolve the crisis, the Chinese home appliance industry are looking for breakthrough innovation Appliances Shopping Of Drinking Sold very fire, but how many people know that it will bring "secondary pollution"? Ministry of Information Industry recently released figures show that in the 2005 national household appliances industry […]

Suning optimistic about the World Cup with a giant, pushing a large flat

  The forthcoming World Cup every four years in Germany early next month, sky, 32 short-listed teams are already in full preparation, the world will usher in a sports fans feast. However, the influence of the World Cup has already gone beyond the scope of sports, the world economy had a huge impact, according to […]

Four factors determine the appliance rental firm foothold – Appliance Rental, ho

Leasing industry in China is thriving rental housing only. However, Home Appliances Industry enterprises have also embarked on some lease roads, since 2005 on a vague appliance rental into society, I found that by collecting large amounts of data, from the time of the initial rise of home appliance rental uncertain future until 2008 due […]

Yuyao Chang: Glanz not short of money not currently listed

Host: Good morning, everyone TOM friends, today we are pleased to invited guests, Mr. Glanz Yuyao Chang, vice president of TOM. Yuyao Chang the second coming of TOM, a time when Beijing is very busy during the two sessions, I would like to come this time because there are many things chat with friends. Galanz […]

Suning Appliance three generous discount on Creating the largest Session – Suning Appliance, Air Conditioning – Household Appliance Industry

Xinjiekou store will close shop this week, 100,000 units heavy sheets of a folded product sales HC Network News: Dragon Boat Festival has just passed a small golden week because of college entrance same period, the consumer electronics market has great potential to be tapped, Nanjing Suning Appliance giant home appliance chain has homeopathic feast […]