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Xinjiekou store will close shop this week, 100,000 units heavy sheets of a folded product sales

HC Network News: Dragon Boat Festival has just passed a small golden week because of college entrance same period, the consumer electronics market has great potential to be tapped, Nanjing Suning Appliance giant home appliance chain has homeopathic feast this week, again and again and luxury appliances. Yesterday, reporter learned from the Suning Appliance, its flagship head office is about to start the ninth Xinjiekou reloading, in which efforts will be held before the Suning Appliance unprecedented discounts Session, introduced 100,000 sets of prototypes and discount models, and pricing strategy For the first time began to try to "fresh discount system" in an attempt to re-tensioned new mass market ready, and took the opportunity to adjust the inventory stock to increase the proportion of air-conditioning, air-conditioning this should have come blowout.

Suning Session Xinjiekou store at massive discounts to meet the re-Zhang
As the first shop in China, Suning Xinjiekou shop system and household appliances in the Suning has a special significance, since opening 99 years, it has maintained a trade sale of the first single store, multiple national champion brand store recorded the highest rate of new starters and other records, but also people and Ma On Shan in Nanjing, Yizheng, and other peripheral one-hour economic circle of choice for consumers to buy household appliances stores, the

Each year from June to July 51 the Golden Week and the air conditioning season clearance, Suning will be heavy on Xinjiekou store sheets, and home appliance chain based on the annual domestic and international experience and market research on the store layout, product samples out of comprehensive adjustment and fitting, the industry's first 3C + 3C model and the earliest models were re-Chang Xin Jie Kou previous implementation, as SIS stores, Dell counters, the world's largest 108-inch plasma TVs and other innovative services industries are also the earliest in Xinjiekou store.

Each re-Zhang a new addition to the consumer shopping experience, the heavy discounts prototype before Zhang Hui Zhang re-sale and opening celebration is undoubtedly the most consumers worry about the "Taobao" feast. Chang 9 years before the successive re-processing prototype discounts Specials total of 50 million units, the average discount rate of more than 30%, second only to the Nanjing Suning consumers a savings of nearly 200 million yuan total shopping cost.

No exception in this re-Chang, a prototype two days this weekend discounts Specials Suning will launch more than 100,000 units of the prototype machine discount sales and inventory, the lowest one fold, the average discount rate of Qizhe, the total profit concession amount is expected to reach 15 million yuan, massive selling will inevitably benefit not weaker than this year will once again rise to the level of the three Golden Week appliance consumption boom.

Suning Discount Specials trial "product fresh discount system"
Session the form of discount stores display the products in addition to prototype, the Su Ning also introduced a large number of inventory models, together constitute the discount Session 100 000 units of the massive lineup. It is reported that Suning Session of the discount pricing will be the first to introduce the common supermarket "fresh discount system" in order to further promote the product mix and inventory management capabilities of the upgrade.

"Fresh discount system" is common in the supermarket industry, mainly fresh products, often take time to reach fresh way of discount sales, home appliances industry, first appeared "fresh discount system" from South Korea, mainly concentrated in the 3C objects consumer electronics products, Samsung Electronics CEO Yun Jong-yong said that once before the world "is like selling fresh fish to sell electronic products, its value reflected in the latest technology to the consumer to enjoy life." So, like IT, digital-to-market update rate is fast, often with the latest product to extend the time to market emerging price curve down level by level.

From each category, their fresh cycle is different and 3C products such as fresh cycle of about six months, while the ice-white wash and air conditioning products, fresh cycle is as long as one to one and a half years .

The introduction of discount

Suning Session will be the first pilot "fresh discount system", that is the major categories of different fresh cycle as the base of the inventory over the cycle of a "fresh discount rate" to discount sales "Preservation of the discount rate" in terms of months, more than the average stock turnover cycles per month, or 10% discount sales, according to this indicator, a group of fineness of the new model will be 9 folding stock models, 8 folding machine type, 7 folding models such as the different discount rate to discount the ranks of the sample, thus ensuring the re-Chang discount Session number of products involved, the benefits to consumers and more choices.

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