There are appliances Mu Shuang: Hunan, home appliance chain promising – there are electrical appliances, Mu Shuang, home appliance chain – HC Network Appliance Industry

     Interview time: mid-April 2005 Interviewed: Changsha, deputy general manager with a home appliance Mu Shuang Interview reason: just attended the China Chain Store Association Council, Young Mu Shuang on Retail Chain insightful. Seven years ago, he served as Development Director in Shandong triple home appliance chain, exploiting the boundary in the Shandong province, witnessed […]

China's new generation of "every other power wall" technologies come out shining – separated electric wall heater – home appliance industry-hc360 HC Network

Recently, technological innovation in the province of the appraisal meeting, good source Water heater New generation of "electric wall separated" technology through industry professionals passed the strict assessment identified numerous. It was the experts predict a new generation of "electric wall separated" technology to fundamentally solve the Water Heater Industry Security Problem, the electric water […]

Drastic adjustment of the two appliance retail giant business strategy 09 – Gome, Suning – HC network appliance industry-hc360

States United States "Thin" Suning "Tonic" As the Home Appliances Two retail giants, Gome And Suning Appliance (002024, stock it), after the New Year Development Plan for 2009 to make a different choice: When Gome announced plans to close some stores, when a high-profile Suning Appliance has launched its own store expansion plans . On […]

Profits reached a record low prices microwave giant to join – microwave ovens, Galanz, the United States – the HC network appliance industry

  The average profit has reached historically low levels Learned recently from the 2005 seminar was informed that the microwave oven industry trends, raw material costs, freight costs and marketing costs increased, the overall profits of China's microwave oven industry declined rapidly, and some companies even huge losses, in order to save the industry, beauty […]

White wrap up the five giant industry mergers and acquisitions began to rob – Midea, Little Swan Washing Machine – Network Appliance Industry-hc360 HC

White goods industry unpredictable future situation A Little Swan has officially Midea (000 527) in the bag, so the acquisition will once again prove that "the strong Always the Winner." Little Swan's success sold themselves, or to mean the territory has been divided internally white finish, the future electricity market will be white Qingdao Haier […]