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Jinxian in Jiangxi Province was awarded the title of the medical device industry

    From the Nanchang Economic and Trade Commission was informed that Jinxian Nanchang City in Jiangxi Province has been recently approved medical device industry base in Jiangxi Province awarded the title. This county in 2006 industrial output value of the medical device industry was 1.33 billion, accounting for nearly half of the province’s share of medical […]

Ambroise Louis Garneray – Mud Pump – Waterwell Drilling Rig manufacturer

Biography Early life Garneray was born in Paris (on Rue Saint-Andre-des-arts, in the Latin Quarter) on February 9, 1783. He was the elder son of Jean-Franois Garneray (17551837), painter of the king, who was pupil of Jacques-Louis David. At thirteen, he joined the Navy as a seaman, encouraged by his cousin, Beaulieu-Leloup, commander of the […]

Metric expansion of space – Multifunctional Drilling Rig – Core Drilling Rig

Understanding the expansion of space   Two views of an isometric embedding of part of the visible universe over most of its history, showing how a light ray (red line) can travel an effective distance of 28 billion light years (orange line) in just 13 billion years of cosmological time. Click the images to zoom. […]

Happy Tree foreign brands join hands appliance chain, "Down to the Countrys

Happy Tree electrical debut in Beijing after the chain has been supplier and social concerns. According to well-being of the tree the sources, Germany Siemens , Japan and other foreign landscapes Brand And happiness of the tree has signed a strategic cooperation agreement, through the happy tree appliance chain network to China Countryside Full distribution […]

"King, One Product" brush Lake Pen Succession – King for a product, La

Traditional Writing brush Industry is facing severe challenges and difficulties, to become today's "non-mainstream" sectors. As with a history of 260 years old and famous enterprises, "Wang, one product" point where the prospects? Earlier, it is called the "king of a brush goods store," Guo's visit in 1961, described as "the king of a product […]