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White goods industry unpredictable future situation

A Little Swan has officially Midea (000 527) in the bag, so the acquisition will once again prove that "the strong Always the Winner."
Little Swan's success
sold themselves, or to mean the territory has been divided internally white finish, the future electricity market will be white Qingdao Haier (600 690), Midea, Hisense Electric (600060), Sichuan Changhong Electric (600839), Gree Electric Appliances (000 651) dominated by five giant surf.

Hot in 2007, the capital market, the complex power prices more than 1000 yuan of Suning Appliance, a maximum increase of more than 700% of U.S. electrical appliances, more than 400% of Gree Electric Appliance as three bright stars, and more clearly outline White (e) strong black (electric) light industrial pattern.

White wrap up the five giant industry mergers and acquisitions began to robbery

Sichuan Changhong's exit to the case of Little Swan to sell more without suspense.

2 18, Sichuan Changhong released "on public participation in the National League transfer of Wuxi Little Swan stake in the progress of" announcement, saying the share transfer as a small swan reserve price is too high, will abandon the bid. February 19, the U.S. electrical announcement said the company intends to carry out major acquisitions are discussing the stock suspension a week, determined to be related to major acquisitions and resume trading after the announcement and not released to public offering of A shares of a particular object equity financing 35 . 5.6 billion in the matter. February 26 evening, the official reached the deal into effect.

With Little Swan that this was the market value of the last independent who has been included into the "system" of white power industry that a merger wave began in 2004, will enter the ending time in 2008. Haier, Midea, Changhong, Gree, Hisense Electric Industry Group Five white surface.

Open up the upstream and downstream industry chain
Five white
Industry Group is constantly seeking to extend the core areas upstream breakthrough to the release of the whole industrial chain advantage.

2 18, the United States formally signed with the Toshiba, the two sides will jointly set up the "Anhui Meizhi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd." (the "Anhui Meizhi"). U.S. holding 95%, Toshiba holding 5%. The two sides will jointly finance the down payment 490,000,000 yuan in Anhui Hefei launched refrigerator compressor project, expected the formation of five million units this year, the refrigerator compressor production capacity. Relative black, white development of the industry have been relatively stable?? For example, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioning are not the early years of large-scale price war broke out, creating positive conditions for self-development; in the industry chain management, the white business also draws on upstream core technologies controlled color TV industry, the lessons of others, improve the upstream and downstream industry chain has become a business development strategy white one. So white capital integrates the industry also covers the entire industrial chain.

2 19 Japan and the U.S. announcement of a new round of private placement financing. According to the United States of additional programs, the U.S. private placement of electrical appliances will be no more than 10% of the total share capital of the new shares, intended Fundraising 3.556 billion yuan. The funds raised will be used for 10 projects and additional capital investment. 10 investment projects include: acquisition of Hefei Rongshida Refrigerator Co., Ltd., the 25% stake in three companies, the new base for refrigerator compressors, home air base in Vietnam, refrigerators, central air conditioning technical transformation expansion, washing machines, Industrial Park 2 building, home air conditioning Wuhan, Shunde base expansion, IT data center, Academia Sinica, construction, and said full sprint, "white in 2010 to enter the global top five" strategic objective.

Day, the general manager of Changhong Group, led by Bin Liu Huayi body compression (000404. SZ) formally established a new management team. Late last year, Changhong invested 234 million bid was 9,710 million shares in Huayi Compressor (accounting for 29.92%), and in January this year has been completed Register of Members, Changhong became the largest shareholder of China intended to compression. Huayi compression, mainly engaged in the production and sale of fluorine-free compressor. To Changhong's the Meiling

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