Air-conditioning and refrigerator energy-efficiency labeling system for two years, saving 3.7 billion degrees – air conditioning, refrigerator, energy efficiency logo – HC Network Appliance Industry-h

"Household air conditioners and refrigerators energy efficiency labeling system implemented two years, China has accumulated to 3.7 billion kWh of electricity saved." March 29 in Beijing at the "energy efficiency label the implementation of the two Annual Conference", the National Development and Reform resource use and environmental protection committee, Deputy Director He Bingguang released to […]

"Extended warranty" channel business model is expected to become the new profit point – countries the U.S., mobile phones, digital – HC network appliance industry-hc360

    Recently, the National United States, Best Buy have introduced various degrees of "extended warranty" service. "Extended warranty" service is that when consumers buy a product, you can still buy extended warranty service contract, the manufacturer promised the free warranty period, warranty period may be extended 1-5 years. This service is provided by the extended […]

What kind of home appliance channel flat mode? – Channels, products and models – trade-hc360 HC Network Appliance

Flat channel is a general trend Home Appliances Marketing industry is currently the most popular in the industry the most competitive one, the intense price war, sales promotion and frequent change, which in all other sectors are rare. In recent years, as the household appliances industry, dramatic changes in channel mode is so dizzying. Particularly […]

2009 HC Superman electrical appliances carry the Chinese line of Nanning Zhongshan Station – China line, industry information Daquan, Zhongshan Superman – HC Network Appliance Industry-hc360

2009 12 14, by the HC home network's "energy saving, environmental protection, trip, 2009, Network Appliance HC fifth national tour complimentary activities??" China Household Appliance Industry Information Daquan "Chinese line" launched a comprehensive . The home network jointly organized by the HC "Zhongshan Superman" appliances, will cover 128 cities in the country, for five thousand […]

"Three Guarantees" obsolete electronic goods "recall system" legislation – electronic, three bags, the market – HC Network Appliance Industry

    AQSIQ is the joint Ministry of Information Industry, Consumers Association and other departments, for many consumer complaints, to formulate a report entitled "Product Liability Guarantee Bill," the laws and regulations, will be by way of security responsibility to promote business flawed the products in question to implement the voluntary recall. New Year period, Mr. […]