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Guangxi: Yangshuo Amidst Sensual Lijiang

This is a sensual place, this is a quiet place, this is a can precipitate heart, but also a place full of dirty. This is a magical place. People back, but stay in the heart, where dreams are out the window of a green mountain. I am a strong person who planned, for the first […]

Qi Attack Once Again Brought New Cnc Machine Tools And Metalworking Exhibition

Heavy Machine Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in China, Qi two machines in 2008 will continue to participate in China International Industry Fair VLSI CNC machine tools And Metalworking Exhibition, display BFS-160, BFR-160 CNC milling landing Boring And XK2130 fixed beam gantry CNC Boring Milling And other advanced machine tools. QI tools to bring […]

Cnc Maintenance Technology

Of electronic technology and automation technology, NC technology more widely. Microprocessor-based, large scale integrated circuit marked by numerical control equipment, has been in our mass production, introduction and promotion of a large number of applications to the development of machines they created the conditions, and bring great benefits. But, because of their advanced nature, complexity […]

Grandpa With A “rubik’s Cube Prodigy” Four Catwalks

A pair of innocent little hands, fast rotating cube, girls as young as 8-year-old Zou Lulu of Nanjing in a minute’s time, the complex Rubik’s cube blindfolded, Break, six surface without a grid mixed with variegated … … Old cube to 4-year-old girl “hunger strike” 2003 the summer of unusually hot. Nanjing Xufuxiang of a […]

Australian Blue Air: Spread Upward, While The Export Volume Of Solid Growth

Editor’s Note : By raw material prices, dollar depreciation, RMB appreciation and monetary tightening and other factors, many enterprises in China exports severely affected, most export-oriented enterprises exports declined sharply. Evaporation in China Refrigeration Industry after a decade of rapid development of enterprises in the post, and have encountered unprecedented difficulties. The Australian Blue (Fujian) […]