Five-Star third time to upgrade to build "4C" Shanxi Road store – Five Star appliances, household appliances, small household electrical appliances – Network Appliance Industry-hc360 HC

Reporter recently learned that the five-star Shanxi Road store upgrade about to start the third. Five Star general manager of the Nanjing branch Huang Ting Bao said the upgrading of Shanxi Road store's products will further optimize the structure of the terminal mode to update the consumer experience, transformed the store will be set "home […]

Small appliances dominate heater thermal response of seasonal products – small appliances, heater, heater – HC Network Appliance Industry

  Marketplace Price Into In late November 2005, the weather getting cold, how warm through the winter has become a topic of concern to many people, and as the gas, heating prices increased every year, electric heating, such as taking Water Heater , Heater, Yuba, Cooker Small household electrical appliances and many other winter become […]

Hundreds of Paradise: new store opening out "Allure grand prize" – hundreds of Yongle, opening, promotion – HC Network Appliance Industry

Battle north of the city without suspense   It is understood that business area of more than 4000 square meters of hundreds of Paradise Jiulidi shop, located in Guri Ring dike intersection, at the core of the surrounding economic circle, and last week's opening of peach footpath junction shops and Simon, the shop door camp […]

States United States "puerile" strategy encroaching beachhead fortification – Gome, channels, chain – HC Network Appliance Industry

  "States United States are coming!" One to whom boiling appliance market, the news spread in the fortification. As the news spread about the surprise addition to the public and expectations, as well as the thick smell of gunpowder??? Appliance market battle imminent. Has always been good at the "price war" to open the U.S. […]

Cover gas stove explosion boss service go back – the boss appliances, gas stove – HC Network Appliance Industry-hc360

"Gas range, hey placed it useless, covered in enamel above the lid how to explode it?" November 20, 2008, members of the public to call the newspaper Ms complaints, saying the owner of a license at home Gas stoves The enamel cover on the 14th night inexplicable explosion, and after-sales service center owner inconsistent electrical […]