Triple Trading Company exhausted Zhang Jisheng there couple of choices – triple trading company, Zhang Jisheng – HC network appliance industry-hc360

From triple the current situation and Zhang Jisheng Look at all the action recently, Zhang Jisheng has been working to design their own four way, want to bail out. July 29, Sanlian Group 9.02% of the shares held will be the fifth auction, I seem to hear Zhang Jisheng a heavy sigh of frustration. July […]

ATH-C705, debut a new bass Triangle – Triangle, headphones, earplugs – HC Network Appliance Industry

Traitor or a dictator? For a long time, for Triangle Headphones Marketing strategies have had a lot of controversy, the pricing of their products high above beautiful music experience with the formation of a strong contrast, for the iron triangle line, although low-end products will Quote To 200 yuan, but still has many followers in […]

As early as 9:00: 3G Foxconn workers set fire to the rapid growth of warehouse-3G, Foxconn, cell phone – Network Appliance Industry-hc360 HC

> Domestic sales of 3G mobile phone market expected to grow rapidly taking off 5 times > Foxconn factory workers dissatisfied with unpaid overtime set fire to warehouses > TM to expand the pilot to upgrade to speed up consumption of urban residents > Welcome New Year in January washing machine price reduction promotion list […]

"Soymilk" for the drafting of the start – soybean milk, soybean milk machine Nine Yang – HC Network Appliance Industry-hc360

2008 12 11 " Soymilk "National Standards drafting meeting held in Hangzhou, marked" soybean milk "for the drafting of the official launch of. 2008 can be said to soybean milk machine, "Bank on" year, in the overall Home Appliances The context of the market downturn, soybean milk machine industry seems to be the biggest winner. […]

Another hidden reason high-end positioning can take root in China, Best Buy – Best Buy, with Suning Appliance – Network Appliance Industry-hc360 HC

Although a small number of Best Buy stores, sales income of less than Suning 1 / 30, less than the U.S. State 1 / 60, the market has only limited influence in a region only Shanghai, but the brand still does not follow the civilians on the line, non-foreign investment, not to sell high-end, fully […]