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   Interview time: mid-April 2005

Interviewed: Changsha, deputy general manager with a home appliance Mu Shuang

Interview reason: just attended the China Chain Store Association Council, Young Mu Shuang on


Chain insightful. Seven years ago, he served as Development Director in Shandong triple home appliance chain, exploiting the boundary in the Shandong province, witnessed the start of Chinese home appliance chain industry and development, home appliance chain has strong feelings.

Interviewer: transient process

Chain industry is a sunrise industry

Reporter: China Chain Store Association, the Council had just come back, how do you view the current developments in chains?

Mu Shuang: this topic very large sum, the chain is a sunrise industry in China, the development prospects are very impressive, especially medium and small chains, the current annual output has reached 20 billion yuan, and was now the Regional Development. For example, Shandong Jia Jia Xiao-Lan, Ningbo Sanjiang, Chengdu Hongqi other chain's sales came from several hundred million dollars to the development of today's 20 to 3 billion yuan.

Hunan chain start-ups

Reporter: What are the characteristics of Hunan appliance retail?

Mu Shuang: Hunan appliance retail in its infancy, could not form the large chain business. For the home appliance chain, Changsha individual needs of the consumer appliance is not obvious; open one, two, three urban malls had not become a subject; wholesale channel is still the main … … a lot of features that the development potential of the retail appliance comparison Hunan Great.

Home appliance chain coincides with opportunity

Reporter: Hunan, home appliance chains have such good prospects, how to grasp the opportunities are there?

Mu Shuang: There are appliances last year settled in Changsha, although some late, but did not lose the opportunity. Currently, there is an urgent task is how to upgrade appliances operating quality, there are appliances in the year of the establishment of regional network within two years, will vigorously develop the rural market, with the advantage of upstream resources, development of the rural network. Undoubtedly will become the main commercial retail chain, will drive the supply chain and industrial chain.

Have a successful deployment of appliances, will build a network in the retail industry to improve operational quality, business head to toe for reconstruction and establishing the organizational structure of provincial and national headquarters, branch, subsidiary, branch A total of four organizational structure; with the talent, for more than 200 college students recruited across the province; in the management of the means, at this stage we have the most advanced management mode; In addition, we conduct a comprehensive reform of the store, will highlight the to form their own individual style; in funds with a total loan of 150 million yuan, we, the province's major banks are very supportive of us. There are appliances that Accumulate type of business, we are confident to enter the national chain of hundred.


Mu Shuang

From Tianjin, graduated into the triple. Serving as deputy secretary of the age of 26, 27-year-old became the first deputy general manager of Triple general manager. 47 million yuan was placed in a large corporate liabilities, losses quickly. In 1998, Mu Shuang was a development opportunity, as a triple market development director, traveled in two years in 139 cities and counties in Shandong area. In Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu has opened 200 outlets. In 2003, Mu Shuang was selected as China Chain Store Association, and joined the famous

Private enterprise

?? Nanjing Sweet, in July 2004 was sent to Changsha.

Mu Shuang

philosophy of life:

? Stranger seventies of last century, a generation of reform and opening up, there is no prominent life experiences, willing to be the backbone of society and business.

? China is most in need of professional managers, a truly professional managers, the need to have good quality and high standards of professional ethics.

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